Managed Event Correlation / SEIM Solution

The information security for your business is a crucial component that must be addressed. Security monitoring is just the first step. You need to know the events that are happening to and within your systems in order to know if they pose a threat. No matter what kind of infrastructure you are operating within, big or small, Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) is an essential building block in your security infrastructure.

You don’t have to feel pressure to build a team of security analysts—we have a Managed Event Correlation/SEIM solution that can help streamline your security monitoring process while expanding your current capabilities and coverage, as well as keeping your business costs down and your business compliant with security standards.

Our Managed Event Correlation/SEIM solution covers real-time monitoring and alerts, event correlation, maintenance and backup checks, and administration. It includes a fully equipped client portal for analysis that contains a report library, compliance reporting and querying tools. This portal provides you real-time situational awareness of your systems on a dashboard and through alerts that you can customize yourself.

This service provides 24/7 coverage of monitoring correlation service, from event analysis, correlation, triage and responding to the events. Through an integration of security data from a variety of sources, we can track the events of your system for analysis.

We do this through installing a data collector into your technical infrastructure. From there we configure a SEIM program that forwards all activity and alerts from your key systems, applications and devices—all encrypted and protected—to our collector for analysis and monitoring.

It’s not just about detecting when bad things happen, but knowing the risks and threats before they happen so you can mitigate them as needed. That way your business is being proactive in its security rather than waiting for something to happen, and that’s important for risk management.

We want to help you understand the situational environment for your systems and our Event Correlation service is a great way for us to do that for you.

Log management is a great complement to the Managed Event Correlation/SEIM solution and is another service we can help you with. These services, when combined with our Managed Secure Cloud Hosting, Managed WAF and Managed Web Application Testing, you’re looking at a solid foundation for your company’s virtual security infrastructure.

Lean Security proudly presents high-performance SEIM solutions in Australia. Our solutions are engineered to properly integrate into your system and provide a holistic view of your organizations IT infrastructure.