Continuous Monitoring Service

Nobody would want their accounts and business that they have spent half of their lives to just go for nothing. Hackers and unauthorized access of websites and organizations are scattered in informational technology world, and to protect your belongings you must pay attention to it at all times. Now one question would come to your mind like how can you protect your accounts and websites at all times? The answer would be having continuous monitoring services for your all-time protection and security.

What are the benefits that you may gain in purchasing or using continuous monitoring services?

Continuous monitoring services could give you the ability to identify threats and to monitor unexpected and surprising changes in your network before they can damage your network and turn into a major breakage. With it, you can now track what happens in your internal environment, and other Internet-facing devices throughout your DMZs and cloud environments with no limited areas because it could be anywhere in the world.

Continuous monitoring service could actually bring a new and effective approach to vulnerable management and to overall network security that enables its users to immediately identify and proactively solve or address potential problems such as: Unexpected Hosts, Expiring SSL Certificates, Inadvertently Open Ports, Severe Vulnerabilities, and some undesired software. Continuous monitoring services detect changes in an organization’s network that could be exploited and then it immediately notifies the IT staff that is responsible for the affected assets and websites so they can take the most appropriate action for such kind of problem.

Continuous monitoring services stop hackers from attacking your networks. They act as a security that protects your networks from exposure whenever there is a change that leaves it absolutely exposed. They also efficiently track down the systems in your global network, wherever they might be, maybe in one location, might be located in cloud environments, or they are spread across the globe. They monitor the network’s critical internal IT assets such as desktops, servers and other devices which are highly necessary in your field of work.

With the help of continuous monitoring services, you can now tailor alerts to a wider variety of conditions that enables you to watch broadly for general changes on specific circumstances. You can tailor alerts whenever there are other systems that appear, disappear, or are running unexpectedly, and when tracking SSL certificates used on systems for you to know if they are weak or self-signed, and when they are going or due to expire. You are also updated on which network ports are running or open, which protocols are currently used, and if they are changing over time.

Continuous Monitoring services give you a full control over who receives each efficient alert so that you can straightly notify the most suitable staff or right person for each circumstance. This spares your security groups from the distractions, delays and even burdens of waiting for the scheduled scanning windows and long reports.

By continuous monitoring you can immediately see the big picture of all the things that are happening on your network. You can have this kind of round the clock protection with just a simple click to companies that offer continuous monitoring.