Digital Media Security

Here at Lean Security, we are helping all digital media providers in achieving superior digital media security. We make it happen through preventing and disallowing copying of songs, movies, shows on TV and any other digital asset. Also, we harden Conditions Access systems and DRM to meet the content security standards and rules so they can’t be bypassed.

What are the risks?

We also provide solutions which mitigate from various risks to all digital media providers. These include the following:

  • Content key publicity – the most effective technique that can be used to attack a media file is obtaining a content key which decrypts this. By having the content key, the attacker will be able to decrypt an encrypted content then take it. Hence, it’s important to keep the content key encrypted in the media player. It can be achieved through the use of the whitebox cryptographic solution which keeps the content key in the encrypted condition of it even when the content key is used in decrypting the content.
  • Stealing decrypted content coming from the player while it decrypts – the second prevalent attack which includes taking a decrypted content from the player while it is decrypting it by means of memory scraping or grabbing buffers. The use of multiple decryption buffers in the random arrangement will increase the complexity for ordinary memory scraping. Lean Security prevents code modification or injection of the application, gives root or jailbreak detection, incorporates effective obfuscation strategies and debugger detection to make this form of attack extremely tough to accomplish.
  • Reverse-engineering and tampering platforms or applications – the applications could be reverse-engineered in order to unravel proprietary algorithms like watermarking. The media platforms could be reverse engineered or tampered with.

The Security Landscape with Digital Media

While entertainment is now being consumed on different devices, services and platforms, applications and digital content turned out to be the primary target of hackers. There were billions of cash that were lost because of music and movie piracy each year.

While the consumers pursue to invest in the smart and connected devices as well as in the gaming consoles, they demand access to those applications which provide digital entertainment. The leading priority for the distributors and producers will be to meet the consumers’ expectations whilst preserving their consumers’ experience and business models.

To get your need for non-invasive and efficient security for the connected devices, digital media applications and OTT services addressed, we give a defense in depth approach to digital media security. Our very own security solution entails multiple layers of protection and it meets the requisites of DMR robustness standards, which include the capability to give renewability of security without compromising the end-users’ experience.

Our security solution has been tried and recommended by a growing number of satisfied customers. Here at Lean Security, you can get the best solution at the lowest price you can always afford. So what are you still waiting for? If you want to know more about this, please do not hesitate to give us a call.