Configuration Security Audit

Companies and organizations need to use a reliable configuration and auditing technology in auditing their networks. With more and more stores becoming mobile and online, there is an immediate need for the security of your business. That’s what Lean Security’s new Configuration Checks service is all about, helping your online business completely secure.

The video explains our value proposition

Using Configuration Checks, you will be able to ensure that your company’s IT assets including operating systems, databases, applications and software as well as network devices are in working conditions compliant to standards and policies. We are now in the new age and this age demands for a new kind of security.

If you don’t want your business to become vulnerable in technological threats, Configuration Checks can make sure that you are covered from any and all technological threats. How can Configuration Checks protect you? Here is how:

Configuration Checks – How it Works  

Configuration Checks is an important service that’s designed primarily for businesses that especially relies in mobile applications and website. With websites and business applications, businesses are able to take on complicated task and do them effortlessly. As you probably already realized, there is great advantage there is with these business application systems.

Such software and business applications can make a whole day’s work is done within an hour or so. With that, their able to reduce your employee’s work load, reduce your overhead costs and do an even more work that result to a good amount of income to your business. In a lot of ways, these business applications are assets and you want to ensure that they stay that way.

The thing, however, with business applications and devices is that they are vulnerable in terms of security. If you don’t have a good IT security, a simple malware could easily slip through and ruin systems and networks and it will surely end to massive loss in your business. One way that you can ensure that will never happen is through configuration checking.

This is what Configuration Checks do. In this age, people strive to improve security and really struggle in doing so. It is just that even the most secure choices we have still have blatant flaws which in just makes full security seem like an impossible feat. Up until recently, security means to most people being safe from any tangible threat or anything unknown, but that’s not how it is now.

But with Configuration Checks, your business can take advantage of real-time monitoring of your system and network’s configurations. Whenever your system or network is scanned, Configuration Checks automatically checks them to ensure that the system is without any flaws. This solution helps you by:

  • Detecting any change events in your systemin real-time

  • Performing configuration audit to new or changed systemsautomatically

  • Ensuring that logging to Windows and other hosts are configured correctly

  • Auditing any web and business application’s database and operating system

Now these are only a few of the benefits that Configuration Checks readily offers you. You are certain to find configuration auditing beneficial to your service. With it, you can easily prepare for any compliance audits and make sure that they are up to standards and policies. 

Configuration Checks with Lean Security
Lean Security’s Configuration Checks is designed to prepare your business for compliance audits, whether it’s internal or external. This is a tool that is used by a great number of auditors all over the world. Configuration Checks offers you one of the most extensive libraries for policy checks and that’s how auditing using this service is an advantage to you. 
At the same time, Configuration Checks offers you the capability of customizing the audits in order to deliver only the most relevant and accurate information you need in a requirements that you specified. Additionally, if you need to comply with a specific security standard, you can rest assured that Configuration Checks can be used to identify any of your systems that do not adhere to the specific security standards. 

Main Configuration Checks Offered

There are three main configurations auditing that Configuration Checks has to offer. These three includes database checks, operating system checks and application checks. Using Configuration Checks, your business’s applications, database and operating system will have regular auditing to ensure of their security integrity and that they are configured according to standards and policies. 


Database Audit

In database checks, all of your databases’ configuration will be audited along with any underlying operating systems. This will be a complete auditing of your database which covers the best practice policies and standards. Configuration Checks support database audits for technologies including MySQL, IBM DB2, Informix, SQI2005, SQI2008 and more. 

Operating System Audit 

In auditing of operating systems, the focus is on access control, security settings, errors reports, hardening of systems and more. Using operating system checks of Configuration Checks, you are able to test against many government as well as industry policies. The operating systems Configuration Checks can audit include Windows, UNIX and other storage devices. 

Application Audit 

Configuration Checks allow you to audit any desktop and server software. You can test these applications against standards and policies including CIS, DISA STIG and more. This particular service can audit applications such as business productivity tools, Adobe Reader, anti-virus software, browsers and more. Additionally, tests can be done to server applications such as IIS and Apache. Other applications that can be audited using Configuration Checks include webservers, frameworks and virtualization platforms.

These are the main audits that Configuration Checks can do. But these are not the only checks they have to offer. Apart from operating system, database and application checks, they can audit your business’s content, network infrastructure and do a standards-based check. With these auditing services, Lean Security makes assurance that the way you conduct your business is completely protected. 
Configuration Check is a tool that’s most helpful to your business and their benefit is undeniable. With automatic and regular configuration auditing, you can very well rest assured that your business applications – the most difficult tasks – are done in the most effective way and that your ability to connect to your customers will not be compromised.