Cloud Infrastructure Testing

Cloud infrastructure testing pertains to the process of software testing that uses a cloud infrastructure. There are lot of organizations that pursue testing in load and general. The monitoring of the production service as well as the performance testing in particular are probably challenged by numerous problems like meeting deadlines, inadequate test budgets, large test cases numbers, high cost for each test and little geographical and test distribution of users.

With regards to that subject matter, cloud infrastructure testing can be the best solution. With the variety of great things that it can provide such as the effective & unlimited storage, infrastructure quick availability with scalability and the testing environment distribution availability and flexibility are all the things that make Cloud Infrastructure Testing a cost effective solution.

The need for cloud infrastructure testing

Traditional approaches in testing software sustains high cost enable to simulate the activity of the user from diverse geographic locations. Load balancers and testing firewalls mostly includes spending on its maintenance, hardware and even software. In cases of unpredictable increase of user’s rate on a certain applications or deployment and environment variation depending on the client’s requirements, cloud infrastructure testing can be more effective.


Cloud infrastructure testing is frequently seen only as load or performance test. For testing some non-internet applications, virtual cases of testing background can be rapidly set up to enable the automated testing of application. The cloud infrastructure testing service providers merely provide important testing environment as a requirement for the test application. The actual application testing is performed by the organizations’ testing team, which holds the application and the third party vendors either.


The leading service provider for cloud computing like the Advaltis, Amazon, Skytap, Soasta, HP and 3-terra uses some of the common tools for cloud testing. These tools include the following:

·         Soatest

·         HP load runner

·         Cloud test

Its Benefits

The cost and ability to simulate the web traffic for a reason of software testing has already been an overall inhibitor for web reliability. The accessibility and low cost of the cloud's exceptionally outsized computing resources offers the capability to imitate actual world procedure of these systems through physically distributed operators, implementing wide ranges of user settings, at measures previously unachievable in outdated testing environments. Least start-up and quality assurance are things that can be achieved by the cloud infrastructure testing. Another key benefit that Cloud Infrastructure Testing can provide is the capital expenditure reduction and its high scalable property.

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