IoT Penetration Testing Services

In the rapidly advancing digital age, it’s not surprising that unscrupulous individuals are finding more and more inventive and subversive ways to find and exploit gaps in technology new and old. Cyber security is becoming a more and more prominent issue. We’ve seen it happen on a nationwide scale, with government servers being breached, tech giants like yahoo having their payments leaked, even Sony has lost crucial data to the hands of those who shouldn’t have it.

But all is not lost!

These sorts of problems all stem from simply not being prepared, and not putting themselves in the minds of these criminals! Having a castle to defend yourself is one thing, but it’s important to test it against those who seek to tear it down.

And it’s no different to your network. The IoT (Internet of Things) encompasses everything, any device or computer that’s linked to another, or linked to the internet. It may seem secure, but did you know that there is all manner of information that can leak into the wrong hands without the right security protection? Experts can piece together all the leaked information and learn things about you that you’d never be comfortable sharing with a total stranger.

Rest assured, you’ll be in safe hands with us! We can delve deep into the IoT and its inner workings, and put together a routine of rigorous testing of every aspect of the network, from vulnerabilities in hardware, to communications protocols to the analysis of firmware. We are also experts at the designs of hardware to put you on the first steps to maximizing your defenses and minimizing your technical weaknesses.

We appreciate security is not just about computers and hardware, and our skills reflect it, extending to technology like the onboard computer on the latest motor vehicles with complex, modern security specifications, so you’re never be in the dark. And in the rare event of a data breach, we even test and help engineer a process to responding and closing down such negative events.

Contact us today, and get your network ready for the digital age!