Penetration Testing Services

The modern technology has invaded the world of business and people’s way of life. Everything is now handled by advanced technology and with information technology embedded in all kinds of business activities; security is a major enterprise concern. As the fast connectivity thrives and increases, so do the major malwares and threats. How can you have a hundred percent of security to your business activities?

This is now the right time that you must ask help from penetration testing services. These kinds of services test the security and protection of your IT systems by identifying and exploiting the weaknesses and profile the organization from the perspective of its possible threats by looking at organization’s business processes, information that flows and the informational technology that supports your operations. This allows the penetration testing services to determine the resilience of the organization’s business environment to malicious attempts of penetrating your IT systems. Penetration testing services minimizes the risk of threats to your IT systems up to date for they always keep an eye for the latest trends, security vulnerabilities, and hacking techniques for future attacks to any kind of businesses.

How do these penetration testing services protect your business?

Penetration testing services use an arsenal of highly effective penetration testing tools similar to those that are used by unauthorized users and attackers on the internet. Penetration testers perform wide range of assessment that simulates possible attack testing scenarios from certain persons with diverse degrees of knowledge about how it is done. They have access to your systems like the external penetration test that focuses on intruders with limited knowledge, the internal penetration test that keeps an eye to disgruntled and careless employees and contractors that have a legitimate access to the corporate network. The other one is the extranet penetration test for business partners who have a part in the company; and lastly, the remote access penetration test that is done for focused intruders from known and unknown remote access entry points. They also conduct penetration testing from inside and even outside of your network to help you recognize or identify risks and how you would make a remediation and appropriate action for that.



It gives you the opportunity to find out how the information leaked from your systems is being used by the unauthorized persons or hackers to fine-tune attacks for greater impact. It also lets you understand how a certain issue is exploited and how you are going to fix them. With this, you realize how an outsider or remote attacker would impair your public-facing systems and how it would risk your associated business interest. You will also have an accurate report outlining all the security exposures of your networks and offers a security roadmap and action plan showing how to resolve issues in details as well.

With penetration testing services, you are enhancing the protection of all your business intelligence, important data and IT systems, and most of all, you are already protecting you name, brand and reputation. Spending a little for the best protection and security that you may have and enjoy by asking help for a penetration testing services will be all worth it.


  • Autocomplete Attribute

  • Insufficient Transport Layer

  • Cross Site Scripting

  • SSI Injection

  • Insufficient Authorization

  • Cross Site Request Forgery

  • LDAP Injection

  • Mixed Content Security

  • Insufficient Password Aging

  • Personally Identifiable Information

  • Insufficient Anti-automation

  • HTTP Request Smuggling

  • Improper Input Handling

  • Integer Overflows

  • Routing Detour

  • XML Attribute Blowup

  • XQuery Injection

  • Insufficient User Session Invalidation

  • Path Traversal

  • Insufficient Process Validation

  • Insufficient Authentication

  • Directory Traversal

  • Insufficient Session Expiration

  • OS Commanding

  • Abuse of Functionality

  • Invalid HTTP Method Usage

  • Secured Cachable HTTP Messages

  • Non-HttpOnly Session Cookie

  • HTTP Request Splitting

  • Improper Output Handling

  • Mail Command Injection

  • SOAP Array Abuse

  • XML Entity Expansion


  • Brute Force

  • Insufficient Session Invalidation

  • Content Spoofing

  • Weak Password Recovery

  • HTTP Response Splitting

  • Predictable Resource Location

  • Buffer Overflow

  • XPath Injection

  • Directory Indexing

  • Insufficient Cookie Access Control

  • Unsecured Session Cookie

  • Application Misconfiguration

  • HTTP Response Smuggling

  • Insecure Indexing

  • Null Byte Injection

  • Server Misconfiguration

  • XML External Entities

  • Insufficient Password Strength

  • Weak Cipher Strength

  • Session Fixation

  • SQL Injection

  • Denial of Service

  • OS Command Injection

  • Information Leakage

  • Frameable Response

  • Insufficient Crossdomain

  • Persistent Session Cookie

  • Credential/Session Prediction

  • Fingerprinting

  • Improper Filesystem Permissions

  • Insufficient Password Recovery

  • Remote File Inclusion

  • URL Redirector Abuse

  • XML Injection

LEAN SECURITY uses the comprehensive penetration testing methodology to assess the security of the web application and identify the security risks. The methodology is based on OWASP and NIST recommendation.


LEAN SECURITY uses the combination of the automated and manual tools to discover the content of the web application and identify the threat landscape.  The tools used are Burp suite, Qualys web scanner, Google searches etc.




Various tools and the techniques are used to discover the vulnerabilities within the target web application. The application are scanned using Qualys web application scanner.. Qualys is a highly regarded web application scanner which will iterate through each page in the application and identify common classes of security vulnerabilities.

Another web application scanner which was also used during testing was Burp Suite. Burp Suite was used in a more targeted way to assist in the manual testing of the application.

All vulnerabilities that were identified with automated testing were verified to ensure their veracity. Vulnerabilities that were marked as false positives have not been included in this report.


Each application was then manually audited by an experienced penetration tester with the assistance of penetration testing tools such as the Burp Suite. The audit attempted to identify not just common classes of security vulnerabilities, but also vulnerabilities specific to the application itself.

Penetration Test Deliverables

All clients will be provided with the access to secure dashboard to track the progress of the assessment.

The technical report will include:

  • The description of the identified security issue

  • The likelihood, impact and risk assessment

  • The test execution steps to reproduce the finding

  • The exact location of the issue, including the parameters / functions

  • If the issue is exploitable, the Lean Security consultant will try to see what data can be extracted

  • The tools used during the assessment

  • The screenshots of the finding

  • The video of the issue

  • Mapping to OWASP category

  • Mapping to PCI DSS category

  • Detailed recommendation, including the code examples

  • References to the vendors guidelines and best practices

The project manager will also communicate the executive report containing the following:

  • The executive summary

  • The overview security posture

  • Comparison with other companies in the same industry

  • The number of critical, high, medium and low issue identified

  • The number and types of apps have been assessed

  • The high level risk explanation in terms of technology, people and processes

  • High level recommendations


Penetration testing services ensure your IT system is risk-free by watching over the latest trends, security vulnerabilities and hacking methods. LEAN SECURITY delivers the ultimate penetration testing services for protecting your business intelligence, IT systems and brand reputation. Don’t select an ordinary penetration testing company, select the best by choosing us. 

You can never be sure that your business is 100% protected, but we can help change that with our penetration testing services.

As one of the leading penetration testing companies, we are recognized as the primary penetration testing provider for a large number of small, medium and large companies. We also offer manual testing so that you focus on business growth and development with complete peace of mind.


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Application Penetration Test - Tier 1
from 600.00

This package is suitable for Small corporate web sites and static pages.

We'll perform the automated scan of your web site using the various vulnerability scanners and our security analysts verify the issues to remove the false positives. The risks assessment and comprehensive report will be provided to help with the remediation.

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Application Penetration Test - Tier 2
from 1,200.00

This package is suitable for Mid size corporate web sites with the Data Collection function.

The service includes the manual and the automated testing of the web site to discover the security issues.  The test is performed by senior penetration testers (based in Australia). The methodology is aligned with NIST and OWASP guidelines.

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Application Penetration Test - Tier 3
from 2,100.00

The package is designed to perform the thorough Penetration Test of the complex web application.  The methodology is based on OWASP and NIST guidelines.

The test is performed by senior certified penetration tester (based in Australia). Thorough risk assessment helps prioritise the remediation actions

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