Website Defacement Monitoring Service


Are you feeling vulnerable about your business? You’ve got all your security measures in place on the actually company premises, but… what about online?

Well, with our incredible new ‘Web Site Defacement Monitoring Service’ none of your questions need concern you any longer. We’ll protect you night and day.

A web attack can happen at any time, so it isn’t good enough to simply keep an eye on your systems during the day. You might have an incredibly professional, highly experienced and extremely well-trained IT team working for your business during the day, but what happens when you and your employees go home? How do you defend your online systems then?

Lean Security is authorised partner of Banffcyber Technologies. 

Lean Security is authorised partner of Banffcyber Technologies. 

The Web Site The Web Site Defacement Monitoring Service never sleeps.

Around the clock, our incredible system will keep a watchful eye over your website to ensure that its integrity and reputation are kept intact. If an attack should ever occur, it might be hard to fix the damage once it’s been done.

Explaining to your clients what happened, and why any sort of malicious attack or false information spread wasn’t the result of your business isn’t only hard to explain, but it paints a bad image of your organization. If you demonstrate that your business isn’t secure, it might deter partners from working with you, or customers from buying with you. People find it hard to trust a company whose information and sensitive data is susceptible to infiltration. They want to protect their own data.

None of that need worry you when your company chooses our software.

With a level of security against data breaches that is second to none, you’ll be impressing partners and clients in all industries. Security is important in business, and if you can prove that you’ve got a stronger line of defense than your competitors, you might just reel in potential customers who were on the fence.

It’s all about having the edge; something slightly unique to businesses within your industry which are otherwise similar to you in every single way.

When any form of attack comes your way, our software acts quickly.

Alerts and Notifications: If there are any detections or signs of malicious activity on your website, our website monitoring software won’t waste a second of time. It will alter you immediately via email, allowing you to shut down the attack, and act a backup recovery procedure which restores all information to its prior state.

Intelligent Baselining: Our powerful system captures the baseline of your site, and using our one-of-a-kind intelligent baselining module, we will be able to poll your URL many times and identify all the static and dynamic parts.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that your internal business is always safe, and potential clients can rest easy in the knowledge that the system will be locked down before any malicious hackers could ever access any of their sensitive information on your site.

Protect your brand, and show that your organization is a master of the online business world.

It’s easy to dismiss a website as one small aspect of your company, but times have changed. Your website is your company’s store-front. Leave it susceptible to damage, and you’re leaving your entire business susceptible to damage. This is your brand’s front page, and it’s where everybody who’s anybody comes to discover your company.

Don’t let your reputation wither away at the hands of attackers who could easily have been stopped by us.

Our system can keep your sterling image intact.

Come and see what we can do for you today.