Do you own a business that relies on your website and mobile applications especially?

Have you noticed that your business application is able to take complicated tasks and make them effortless?

Are you starting to get a full handle on just what kind of asset you have and want to ensure that it stays that way?

We live in a world where security is what we all strive for but struggle to find. After all, even the most secure options have glaring flaws, which can make full security seem like an impossible goal. In reality though, security is a state of being. It is a place of existence where outside threats cannot penetrate the covering. Up until just recently, security was a very tangible thing meant to protect us from the outside and the unknown. But, the world has changed. We don’t only need protection; the very ways we conduct business need protection.

The kind of helpful tool your business’ website and mobile application offers is undeniable. Not only is it able to simplify the most difficult tasks; it gives your customers the ability to connect with your business at all times. To say that you live in a time that previous generations would envy is to downplay the reality entirely. We live in a time that allows you to market with a few clicks, gain a following with a few well placed ads, and enjoy the profit growth without lifting more than a finger.

But, with continued technological growth that simplifies and benefits, it’s important to understand that the easier the access is for you the easier the access is to any threats…

A common saying is that ‘nothing worth having comes easily.’ This applies in 99.9% of cases. But it doesn’t have to apply to your online security! We at Lean Security are the exception to the rule!


Our Mission

Our company mission is to be the vehicle that successfully brings you to your next destination.

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The Security Solutions You Need

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and serving the international business community...

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About Organization

For dedicated managed security and IT solutions that are guaranteed effective and reliable..

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Our Philosophy

Our team of experienced professionals strive to provide a higher level of service and...

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Penetration Testing

If you are looking for the most comprehensive mobile application security assessment then LEAN SECURITY is your best option.

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Source code security assessment

How Businesses Can Benefit from Source Code Security Assessment

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Managed Cloud WAF

The smallest bit of code can lead to a vulnerability that can be exploited, and where does a lot of coding lie? In applications.

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Managed Malware Detection Service

The rise of modern technology today is also the rise of viruses and malwares that affects the effective performances

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Managed DDoS prevention service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks come in mass to bombard websites in an effort to overwhelm systems for a takeover or hack.

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Security Risks assessment

Does your business know how to keep its data safe and secure from threats both internal and external?

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We offer you top of the line online security services that protect every modicum of your business’s application!

If you were hoping for us to be more specific, you only need to know that we have created a system that’s guaranteed to protect your online world at all times.

It’s as simple as this: the life of your business depends on the quality of the security you use. After all, if the wrong person is able to hack into your business application, he/she will have access to your entire operation.

It only takes a wrench dropped into a much bigger machine to shut it down completely. Never put yourself in a vulnerable position, because it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

 We care about your business!

We are interested in providing top tier quality service for all of our customers. This is only possible through careful planning and meticulous services. We dedicate great time and effort into finding the real risks and providing security testing services you will be proud to attach your name to by setting three defined plus points:

  • Listen to your vision and implement it down to the smallest of details.

  • Create security plans and policies from the ground up, customizing it to fit your specifications every step of the way.

  • Ultimately provide you with the required fixes that leave you more than satisfied.

  • Our final outcome speaks for itself every single time!

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