External Network Penetration Test

Ever thought about the security of your business’ network? If so, do you think it really is secure? Are you sure you’d be protected from any sort of attack?

If not, there’s no need to worry. With Lean Security, that’s no longer a problem. We aren’t just your bog-standard IT security service provider. We go above and beyond with our penetration testing services. External Network Penetration Testing isn’t something you should leave to any old amateur. It requires an experienced hand, as well as an expert hand.

What External Penetration Test is all about?

It is an authorized hacking attempt that is conducted against your company's internet facing servers (which include web servers, email servers, ecommerce site etc.). It is a unique approach in order to harden your company's security systems against those attackers that try to compromise vulnerable hosts from outside your company.

Attackers are improving and updating their methods each and every day.

If the threats which face your business network are changing constantly, that means you need to be adapting to these changes. Security software becomes outdated rapidly, and if you’re not prepared for the new challenges which will face your business, you put your sensitive data at risk.

External Penetration Testing helps you to:

  • Minimize risks that are associated to your business continuity
  • Identify vulnerable hosts so that you can harden your systems
  • Detect known or unknown vulnerabilities that could be exploited
  • Identify non-compliant installations with your internal policy
  • Test all your incident response strategies
  • Get security verifications of the systems you employed in your company

At Lean Security, we strive to put an end to such threats. We’ll not only update your system, but we’ll ensure we consistently maintain and update the network, so as to keep your information safe. Always.

With our comprehensive reports, unique and verified testing standards, post engagement follow ups and reliable ongoing support, we will help you add another layer of protection to your network.

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