In terms of financial applications security, you don’t need to look any further since our company is the ideal choice to consider and hire. We offer application protection for financial services. In addition to this, our company helps financial service providers by simply preventing the cryptographic key exposure for host card emulation.

We are here to help you easily determine whether the environment in which mobile applications are running is completely safe. Our company will also help and assist you to prevent unauthorized access to applications and at the same time avoid the application modification including malicious code insertion. Furthermore, our company protects wide range of financial services applications and use cases. Check these out:

Areas we cover

  • Retail Banking Applications- Our company secures applications for consumers that check deposits, money transfer, balance inquiries and many more. This is one of the reasons why these capabilities become the newest requirement today especially when it comes to banking customers who wants to perform retail banking application on their devices without security controls. We provide security for mobile applications while running and stored on mobile devices like healthchecks to easily understand the environment in which the application is running.
  • Wealth Management Applications- Clients with high net worth want to easily view their portfolio anywhere and anytime. Apart from this, they also want to rapidly take action in real time markets. In terms of wealth management applications, it requires tough functionality of mobile application. Our company protects the integrity of hybrid and native applications on mobile devices.
  • Payment Applications- We protect the software leveraged in POS systems, P2P payments and mobile wallets, ensuring that transaction details and customer credentials are not exposed to hackers.
  • Management Applications and Internal Staff- Majority of corporations today are utilizing Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management technologies that usually govern the application usage. Our company is protecting applications that enable sales commissions, IT help desks, expense reporting and a lot more. As a compliment to MAM and MDM solutions, we work with device manufacturers and healthcare providers to address risks and built trust. Even with the help of these technologies, applications are exposed to reverse engineering.
  • Protecting the Security Components- Our company protects the libraries and logic used to deliver 3rd party and homegrown security functionality. Many of the device manufacturers and healthcare providers have completely established security modules that provide security functionality that include how and when applications are used, policies that govern and authentication.

We are here to offer our valued clients with the toughest application protection solutions in the world. Our unique guarding technology has the ability to respond to detected attacks with repairs and alerts, detects when a certain attack is being attempted and defends applications against malicious attacks. Our company offers effective solutions for software running on embedded platforms, servers, desktops and mobile devices. If you want to know and learn more about our financial application security solutions, don’t hesitate to visit our website. We will be very happy to help you in the best way we can.