Reliable Vulnerability Scanning

Stay Safe And Protected Against Malware Attacks!

How do you know your company system is not vulnerable to attack? If you act pre-emptively, you never have to ask yourself that question. You never have to lose everything your organisation has built.

When you invest in our professional and intelligent standard of vulnerability scanning and management, you receive a level of service which ensures that we can do the security work whilst you focus on the work your business needs done.

Vulnerabilities can be exposed or manipulated at any time. It is important you use software which regularly scans and reports on problems which may lie within your system.


We aim to offer the best services so that you can focus on your business while we handle the security for you! Our software provides incredible insight into any vulnerabilities which may be susceptible to infiltration in the future. It is important that your business remains modern and progressive in the online, digital world, but you must remain secure and intelligent at the same time. With both internal and external vulnerability scanning, our services allow you to monitor elements exposed to both the outside world (your public website, for instance) and the inner system of your organisation (the network behind the firewall which contains highly sensitive information).


Key Benefits

Our innovative vulnerability scanning and management services allow you to:

  • Stay Protected: Stay updated with one-of-a-kind vulnerability plug-ins and tests.
  • Show Compliance: Build strong relationship by proving your ongoing security assessments to your auditors, business partners, investors etc.
  • Scan Regularly: You are able to schedule regular scans to identify new risks that could be detrimental to your organization.
  • Take Action: Evaluate the steps required to make relevant changes to remediate identified vulnerabilities.



To prevent attacks before they occur, you need not a manual eye but an automatic system prepared to act before it is too late. Providing a constant level of monitoring, our software ensures that those features and aspects of your internal network exposed to the external world are always secure and that the data and statistics of your company’s system are accurately analyzed.
We minimise the cost and the time your organisation may currently be wasting when trying to secure your network. Not only do we improve your business, its growth and its profits, we provide a service risk-free and always updated, automatically-monitored via the cloud and customised to your business needs.


Contact us today and see for yourself what our vulnerability scanning system can do to improve your business.



“Wonderful services! The dashboard views of scans make it much easier for us to understand risks and exposures. Moreover, we can run multiple scans in order to save time. Highly recommended for every organisation who is concerned about the security risks” – D Steve

“We are very thankful to Lean Security for offering such a remarkable vulnerability scanning service. The alerts keep us updated and we are notified of upcoming scans, scan kick-offs etc. And the easy-to-understand reports make it much easier for us to master the ins and outs of security in order to stay protected.” – Amanda C

“We are very happy with this amazing vulnerability scanning service. We were quite concerned about the security risks and this service really provided a great peace of mind. We are extremely pleased and highly recommend it to everyone out there.” – Ryan Cole

“We were using other security management providers and we were never as happy as now. We're very impressed with the speed and quality of the services. The reports are very clear and easy-to-understand. We highly recommend Lean Security for their work and we will definitely be working with them on a regular basis.” – Nicole