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When you depend on the web for applications crucial to your business, it’s important to consider its security implication. With the increasing number of web-based applications and new generation testers and developers with little to no experience in developing secure applications, you have to know which web applications are susceptible to malicious attacks. Unlike the relatively simple nature of conventional operating system weaknesses, web application vulnerabilities can be extremely subtle and hard to determine and are more subjective.

For example, a web page that produces a file directory may be compatible with your website, but for others, it could result in a breach of data.  There are professional organizations that can manually examine your applications for any vulnerability. With many applications to worry about, you are given a daunting task of keeping these applications secure. You just cannot hope that nothing bad will happen and continue your operation. A completely managed, automated web scanning service can extensively reduce the risk of an internal or external breach.


Download our Web Application Security Assessment Methodology

Download our Web Application Security Assessment Methodology

It helps in detecting the real risks in web based applications in quick time. Through security testing, it’s possible to determine URL redirection, cross-site request forgery, SQL injection and other irregularities and address the most important problem.

Our scanning services allow you to examine, find and solve vulnerabilities at all times. Penetration testing may be necessary to provide you with a profound understanding of your vulnerabilities, but managed application scanning informs you of new vulnerabilities on a more frequent basis. The frequency of scanning depends on your needs and ensures that you’re covered throughout the year. Scanning can be done every day, monthly or yearly. Reports highlighting vulnerabilities that have been uncovered and the appropriate solutions to them will be given to you.


  • Reduced risk. Scanning notifies you of new weaknesses frequently, allowing you to take the necessary action to prevent it from getting worse and affecting your operations.

  • Increased security stance. Tools for vulnerability scanning are continually evaluated to ensure that only the most appropriate are used.

  • Completely managed service. Running web application scanning tools on your own can be time consuming and exhausting. An automated scanning service eliminates that arduous task, allowing you to focus on more important business matters.

  • Lower costs. A passionate security monitoring team is assigned to you at a fraction of the cost than if you were to do the task on your own. You will not only be able to save money, but also time.

  • Determine OWASP issues. “Zero day” and other common security challenges are identified and addressed before people with malicious intent take advantage of them .

  • No false positives. A professional team manually reviews all scanning services, eliminating any possibility of false positives.

  • Scalable service. Since scanning is done on the cloud, all of your sites can be accommodated. Whether you’re running a single site or even 100’s, all applications will be thoroughly scanned .

LEAN SECURITY offers the most in-depth application scanning services for web apps. The team makes use of the most advanced tools and manual testing to assess an application. It doesn’t matter how many sites you have; the scanning service will cater to your specific security needs whenever you want! Unlock the information about LEAN SECURITY’s scanning and web application penetration security testing with a simple click to save your valuable time and money.

Reliable Web Vulnerability Scanning Services

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, it is imperative that you utilise the services of a web application scanner to uncover vulnerability issues as soon as possible.

At Lean Security, we offer streamlined website application security, web security audit, managed web vulnerability scanning and a lot more through multiple web security platforms. With the rising number of security breaches, it is your responsibility to protect your business and customer data by partnering with a reliable service like ours for managing web security assessment.

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