When it comes to healthcare application security, our company is the best choice to consider. We help medical and healthcare device providers by simply ensuring that the mobile applications that payers, patients and doctors are using are completely protected from attacks and that the environment in which mobile applications are running has not be compromised. We also prevent the decompilation or disassembly of application logic or applications that can expose IP within your mobile applications.

In addition to this, we also ensure that confidentiality and privacy of medical data and records with the use of our whitebox cryptography. Apart from this, our company will greatly help you to completely minimize threats to safety and patient health that can result from malevolent attacks. We also provide solutions that lessen the risks to medical and healthcare device providers.

Security Risks we help to Mitigate

  • Protecting the Security Components - Majority of device manufacturers and healthcare providers have completely established security modules that provide security functionality that include how and when applications are used, policies that govern and authentication. Our company protects the libraries and logic used to deliver 3rd party and homegrown security functionality.
  • Management Applications and Internal Staff- Our company is protecting applications that enable sales commissions, IT help desks, expense reporting and a lot more. Majority of corporations today are utilizing Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management technologies that usually govern the application usage. Even with the help of these technologies, applications are exposed to reverse engineering. As a compliment to MAM and MDM solutions, we work with device manufacturers and healthcare providers to address risks and built trust.
  • Patient Data EMR Exposure- Our company secures management of electronic medical data and records and patient care applications. Patients, administrators and healthcare providers want to run these applications on any device with security controls. We completely believe that mobile heath is here and it continues to grow. We provide utmost security for mobile applications and at the same time we offer health checks to easily understand the environment in which the application is running.
  • IP Protection for Medical Devices- Medical devices are shipped in various countries with lax protection laws that runs reverse engineered. This also exposes the application of the source code and at the same time it enables the production of knock-offs. In addition to this, it can impact the revenue and create class of devices.
  • Device Tampering- The medical device logic modification is considered as an important threat to the safety of patient. The code injection into the applications can invalidate the validation and verification of the software.

Once you have a protected application, you will have a great chance to lessen the risk of user experience compromise, intellectual property theft, trust and brand damage, confidential data theft, compromise of the safety of patients and exploitation of health records and patient privacy. If you want to gather more information and details about our healthcare application security solutions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy and pleased to assist and help you with your specific needs.