Lean Security is aiming to help all game developers and publishers in protecting their brand as well as their game image. Also, we aim to provide utmost protection to all players and create a level playing field within the game such as protecting the player assets as well as securing the game transactions. We help both game developers and publishers in mitigating against profit loss and to protect game integrity with limited effect on the performance.

To help them further, we provide solutions which will mitigate from these risks:

  • Cheating – the successive user impact and cheating on those honest players is the leading threat and risk to the value and in the popularity of online games.  The tampering attacks are used in changing client functionality in order to benefit the hackers at the cost of the legitimate clientele. The examples involve changing the rendering routines in order to see more than the permitted or to carry out faster compared to humanly possible.
  • Vandalism – it’s a major threat and risk to value conservation of the stories and characters.
  • Secure micro transactions – tampering with the in-game buying systems or logic which enables access to bought assets that directly affect the game title’s profitability.
  • Private servers – for the online MMO especially the peer-to-peer networks, the attackers and hackers can thoroughly model the behavior of the back-end server through analyzing and assessing client communications along with the server and inner client operations. This will then enable the creation of the clone of back-end server and it will run independently of a game operator thereby robbing and illegally obtaining subscription profits or facilitating play which makes the franchise devalued.

With a protected application, you will not be at risk to the following:

  • Private data theft
  • Trust, reputation and brand damage
  • Fraud and unauthorized access
  • Profit loss & piracy
  • User experience concession
  • Intellectual property burglary

The Safety Landscape with Gaming

Multi-user online gaming or MMORPG grows into a premier type of digital entertainment for the twenty first century. There are different multi-user games for each demographic. Whether it is the enchanted worlds or playrooms of addictive games or the fast-paced action of the 1st person shooters, the multi-user gaming comes with something for everybody.

Compared to dominant entertainment of the twentieth century which involves television and movies, the multi-user games are vulnerable and prone to corruption of experience itself. Play could be debased through using different hacks and bots including the integrity of corrupted characters and stories. Aside from the availability of in-game purchase models displays the game and exposes it to other forms of tampering which may impact the revenue.

Cyber security is the fundamental aspect of using and deploying multi-user games. Lean Security is the valued partner when it comes to giving the best components, and right tooling that is needed in preserving the integrity of the gaming experience. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today if you want to know more.