AI-powered Web Services Penetration Test


When you’ve got a great business idea, the last thing you want is for criminals and hackers outside of your organization to threaten your work, undermine your reputation, and steal your hard-earned funds. After all, it’s your idea, and it’s your forte.

Typically, web services give users access to a standardized function across the board that’s called with an API by a range of applications, such as mobile apps or B2B services. It’s often a set of functions given to users to make achieving business goals more achievable.

It’s a well held belief that outsiders from the site cannot see these features, or interact with them directly since they aren’t linked to the business or the function is not accessible normally through any given web browser. However, the more and more ingenious underground hackers are targeting this flaw to manipulate businesses from the inside.

We offer the perfect service to close this loophole: The Web Services Penetration Test.

What we do and specialize in, is taking publicly available tools, and of those provided by you that a typical web user would have access to, and thoroughly test your network against attack both publicly or on the private network. The results?

An in depth report into your web services resistance to cyber attacks, as well as a prioritized breakdown of all potential vulnerabilities, with an included roadmap on how to shut down these loopholes and secure your services. Not only that, but you’re purchasing peace of mind, brand security and the preservation of your business reputation, something that, up until now, you really couldn’t put a price on. So don’t let it happen to your company!

  • Get competitive advantage with great security measures

  • Protect transmission of data between you and your users

  • Gain independent verifications of the security measures

  • Reduce unnecessary legal costs, risks and ramifications that might occur due to data breach

  • Ensure compliance with PCI DSS

Get yourself updated today, and contact us today for your comprehensive security test.

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