Managed DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks come in mass to bombard websites in an effort to overwhelm systems for a takeover or hack. This can render your website completely unusable, and in worse case scenarios, leaves you open for an attack that exploits your website’s weaknesses in order to gain access to sensitive information. So not only does it affect your site’s performance and customer experience, but DDoS attacks can wreck your website if not handled appropriately or avoided all together.

We offer a DDoS protection service that essentially adds a barrier between outside sources and your web servers, blocking out traffic that appears to be malicious or attacking in nature. Our service monitors all traffic incoming to your website and as soonas suspicious traffic hits, we flag it and send it to our own little cloud and nowhere near your protected infrastructure for your website. All other safe traffic is not affected and can freely access your website. This leaves your website free of that potentially damaging traffic and with full functionality.

DDoS protection services can be especially helpful for eCommerce websites, where if an overload of malicious traffic attacks occurs then the website gets shut down and affects your business’ ability to earn money. Not only that, but, if malicious access is gained, then you could also stand to lose customer data if your systems are secure. That’s why we recommend pairing our DDoS Protection along with our eCommerce website protection services, to make sure your eCommerce website are positioned well to ward off potential threats. Learn more about our eCommerce website protection services here.

Another great pairing is our DDoS protection with our SaaS service so your apps can also be protected on that kind of traffic. Learn more about the SaaS hosting service here.

Information security for your website or app is of utmost importance both to you and your customers—don’t let a lack of know-how stop you from implementing every protection possible to safeguard your systems. We can help you take care of all that.

For the ultimate security for your website, invest in our protection bundle, which includes Secure Managed Hosting, Managed WAF, Managed Web Application testing and DDoS protection. Learn more about the bundle here.

Integral part of our data protection service, we provide comprehensive managed DDOS protection against potential distributed denial of service attacks on your information system. Our manage services are streamlined to meet the specific needs of each client we serve. We keep your network and system safe and running.

Let us help you avert DDoS attacks and traffic and take your website’s security to the next level with us today

DDOS Protection Service Highlights

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

The service blocks any type of network and web application attacks, inluding TCP and SYN flood attacks, GET requests flood etc. The high capacity network can mitigate multi-gigabit DDoS attacks.

Easy and Fast Implementation

Cloud based DDoS protection is easy to implement. All you need to do is to change the DNS settings of your domain and point it to the DDoS protection servers. No additional servers to install, no downtime.

Managed by Security Professionals

Lean Security will provide the expertise and advice on best protection for your web applications. Our engineers will monitor the service and respond to security incidents fast and professionally.