Security Compliance And Audits – What You Should Know

When was the last time your company’s IT department conducted a security compliance and audit on infrastructure, web applications and software? Why is this necessary? Explained in simple terms – a security audit is usually carried out to ensure full working capability of your security systems and IT infrastructure.

A compliance audit on the other hand is a comprehensive review detailing adherence to regulatory guidelines of a company. Independent security or IT consultants offer compliance audits to clients, who then fix the gap holes in their security with the help of finished report. These professionals review user access controls, risk management procedures, and security policies over the course of the audit.

There are a few points that you should know about choosing security compliance and audits for your IT infrastructure for better results. Keep the following in mind:  

An Audit Isn’t a Design Session  

Does your security program’s design rely heavily on initial audit gap report? If yes, the programs might not be sustainable. In the end your auditor will try and target a specific requirement first which means compliance and security audits don’t deal with sustainability, holistic approaches, and existing business requirements integration.

Don’t Conduct Audit If Not 100% Ready

An audit is strictly conducted in accordance with independent review of your existent security program. There is no need to go through if you feel your organization doesn’t meet all aspects of the security audit. In fact, discrepancies and vulnerabilities within the IT framework should be fixed first! Remember, security and compliance audit results shouldn’t be measured but this evaluation does help fix issues.    

Always Aim Higher Than What Compliance Requirements Prefer

Going above and beyond when it comes to IT security can be a good thing. Requirements are placed at a minimum standard, by which businesses with an online presence can operate and work to exceed in. When making the budget for security and compliance audit, don’t just focus on meeting the standard requirement but try to provide everything that is needed by your organization to effectively mitigate risk.

Identify vulnerabilities and fix your web application’s security by effective assessment of IT infrastructure with the help of advance web security testing. Security and compliance will follow automatically afterwards. Lean on Lean Security for your entire web and mobile application’s security needs.