What Are Your Resolutions For Web Application’s Pen Testing?

New Years has come and gone but the air is still filled with expectations that this year will be the best. If you are an online business owner and have suffered security hacks, liabilities and losses last year – 2017 is the time to redeem yourself in the eyes of customers. Keeping with tradition, did you write down a list of New Year’s resolutions that you intend to follow to the letter? Did those resolutions include web application pentesting? More importantly – isn’t it time to resolve and code review your business’s IT infrastructure and web applications via manual/automatic penetration testing?

Understanding the Real Value of a Penetration Test

Very few businesses with an online presence realize the importance and value of penetration testing, for their web/mobile applications and software security. There are a lot of misconceptions about this, like:

  • My IT infrastructure will be safe after pentesting
  • All vulnerabilities within application will be found

Penetration testing conducted due to the above mentioned reasons don’t explore the full capacity of the security testing service. There are actually other benefits of pentesting that you can enjoy!

Pentesting Reveals a Set of Vulnerabilities

Not all of them though! In fact, number of found vulnerabilities is connected to certain factors namely:

  • Time length of the test
  • Skills, experience, credentials, certifications of testers
  • Network connectivity
  • Active web application firewalls
  • System changes during testing
  • Application instability

Moreover, high risk vulnerabilities are focused first then medium-low risk ones (if none found). This is why for maximum results; a combination of automatic and manual pentesting should be performed. Some additional benefits of pentesting from a certified and experienced vendor are:

  • Shows ‘real risk’ of vulnerabilities
  • Offers third party’s expert opinion
  • Tests cyber-defence capability of your IT infrastructure
  • Helps comply with industry certifications and regulations

Businesses often question the best way to conduct pentesting of software, web applications and the rest of their IT infrastructure. What they forget is penetration testing should accomplish placed business goals and objectives, not merely check for random holes in security.

Here Is How to Conduct a Successful Security Evaluation Test

Choosing a good or right pentesting vendor is only half of the battle. Make sure the security assessment is conducted properly by:

  • Establishing security baseline through annual tests
  • Spell out your company’s security objectives and requirements
  • Choose auditors that have ‘real’ security experience
  • Involve business unity managers early on
  • Make sure reliance is on experience, not just prepared checklists
  • Ensure finished report reflects all organization’s security risks

Now that you know the importance of penetration testing for your web application’s or IT infrastructure’s security evaluation, are you going to scour the market for a pentesting software that doesn’t offer accurate results or are you choosing Lean Security?