Top Security Issues App Developers Should Know About

Mobile application development is experiencing exponential growth in the present market. This makes it necessary for mobile app developers to not only provide new features to users but to also ensure that security protocols are constantly updated.

In fact, mobile application security is one of the biggest concerns today as data within those apps can easily be compromised with lax security controls. External forces like malicious hackers target mobile applications to illegally gain access to consumer information and use it for personal profit.

This is why app developers should prioritise security when building applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Here are the most pressing app security issues app developers should know and ways to deal with them.

Vulnerable Source Code

When it comes to building mobile applications the source code is one of the most important components. Unfortunately, as it is so valuable there are a number of hackers who want to exploit it.

According to CERT Australia, the amount of malware specifically targeting smart device codes is on the rise. Hackers are skilled in a number of hacking techniques like reverse engineering an app code to break the most secure codes.

This is why writing a highly secure code is so important. Build hard codes that are difficult to break  for hackers and easy to update for you so that you integrate latest security measures  constantly.


Weak Authentication Mechanism

Weak Authentication Mechanism'.png


Authentication mechanisms are also a crucial part of mobile application security. With weak authentication a mobile app is exposed to a number of security vulnerabilities.

Developers should stress on maximizing security for user authentication based on passwords. The password policy needs to be strong enough to not be broken easily. Another way is using multi-factor authentication. This makes your app more secure through authentication code, biometrics or One-Time Password (OTP) login.


Unauthorised API

Some app developers neglect using authorized API on their mobile app codes. This gives hackers the opportunity to get access to your information and internal systems like sensitive authentication information caches.

That’s why we recommend having a centralized authentication for the entire API to ensure the utmost security for all your mobile applications.

With the ever-increasing reliance of businesses on secure IT structures, cyber and application security has proven its importance. Not only will this allow for more reliable business operations but will also become a differentiating factor in the app world.

We ensure that with our detailed mobile application penetration testing services, your application security is completely safeguarded against malicious forces.

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