Why Timely Data Breach Detection Is Key

The process of data breach detection involves collecting, analyzing and interpreting incoming web traffic to spot potential network threats to confidential company and client data.

It should be your first priority to protect your internal network from attack by malicious hackers. These forces waste no time in accessing sensitive data and misusing it for profit.

Unfortunately, attacks on businesses are well-planned and executed by experienced cyber criminals. Companies that amass valuable data have a responsibility to hire professionals for tight data security.

To protect your stakeholders and yourself, ensure timely data breach detection.

Here we will discuss how early data breach detection can help you save precious company information from falling into the wrong hands.

Identify Areas of Compromised Security

Compromised user credentials were the primary sources of most cyber attacks on Australian companies in 2018. There are several indicators of such a security issue which are identified by an efficient data breach detection program.

Database assets and user authentication logs are components that are typically monitored by detection technologies like defender applications. They send out notifications when suspicious activity is identified such as matching profiles of DDoS attacks or system modifications from unknown sources.


Detect Other Loopholes

Detect Other Loopholes for data breach.png

Once your defence software successfully spots attacks it can be programmed to detect the following data-compromising loopholes:

· Privileged accounts or unexplained changes to login procedures

· Remote logins

· Duplicate or after-hours login sessions

· Several password resets or lockouts

· Irregular activity which is unusual for legitimate traffic

The concerned managers are alerted if any threats are detected to the data or network intelligence. This step can significantly help in preventing an intrusion.


Anticipate Incoming Attacks

Hackers usually mark their target by remotely indentifying data assets of value. This information is about any internal vulnerability like gaps in the firewall which make data theft easy.

By using knowledge about this kind of passive threat, the security team can narrow down the means of the actual attack. It can then successfully anticipate future attacks.

With early data breach detection your company can take appropriate measures before significant damage is done or trade secrets are leaked. It’s important to leverage professional services offered by Lean Security to guard your data privacy from hackers.

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