Attention App Developers: Protect Your Source Code!

Software developers are faced with growing security concerns when it comes to the source codes powering their applications for users around the globe. Malware and persistent hackers are constant threats in today’s age and this is why special attention must be dedicated to security while developing mobile applications.

The chances of your application coming under attack are higher than ever because of the ease of widespread accessibility to sensitive company and customer data when companies use a sub-standard security program.

This is why app developers are called to protect their source code against malicious forces if they aren’t already.

This post will discuss how to protect your application’s source code from potential threats.


#1—Restrict Access

 This is one of the easiest yet effective ways to keep your source code from getting into the wrong hands. Simply restrict which team members can gain access to it.

Apart from high-level personnel with hands-on use of the code, there aren’t a lot of people who will be working with your code. Even for those that do, it’s best to implement a two-factor authentication to stop suspicious characters to finding their way to your application’s source code.


#2—Encryption and Monitoring

Encryption and Monitoring.png


On the programming side of things, an app’s source code is the developers’ most prized possession. So ensure that the program has the ability to encrypt relevant data in storage as well as during transit.

Also monitor the data round the clock to be alerted at once if any suspicious activity is detected. This way you’ll be able to quickly track the threat and take appropriate action to limit, reverse or ideally, prevent the damage.

#3—Copyright and Patents

Lapses in copyright policies are among the biggest causes of businesses failing to protect their source code before it’s too late.

If you don’t want to rank among them, ensure that all company-use software and coding is safeguarded via strict copyright laws and relevant patents. This proprietary/intellectual information is akin to trade secrets and needs to be treated as such.

Your application is as essential part of your revenue model and may be at risk of a vulnerability-induced attack at any time. With this post we hope to have highlighted the importance of protecting your source code and ways to do this.

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