Signs Your Network Security Has Been Compromised

Do you get random messages every time you turn on your web browser? Maybe you have an unwanted toolbar on your browser. These are just some signs that your network’s security has been compromised.


In case of a security breach, hackers can gain access to all your private information. Keep an eye out for the following signs. You know your network security has been compromised if you notice any of these:


Unresponsive Computer

Modern operating systems allow computers to perform multiple tasks at the same time. However, if you notice your PC being unresponsive and is running multiple programs in the background, it is a sign that it is working as a node for a malware.

Pop Up Messages


“Your P.C is slow, click here to make it faster”. Ever got one of these messages? As tempting as it is, do not make the mistake of clicking the OK button. You might unintentionally install a malware in your system.

Hackers can use malware to keep track of all of your online activity. Malware also gives them access to your hardware like the webcam.

While Browsing the Internet You Are Redirected To another Webpage


Hackers make a living by redirecting you to a different webpage. The more clicks on the webpage, the more money the hacker gets.

Are you facing this problem? A simple test can help determine if there is a security breach. Open a search engine and type in a random term like ‘puppy’ and hit enter. If you get irrelevant search results, it is a sign of a security breach.

Your Passwords Have Changed

When hackers gain access to your system, they often change passwords and login credentials. There is a chance that your sensitive data might be lost. Hackers might even blackmail you for money.

Therefore, make sure you change your passwords regularly. Send an email to support if you are not able to log in and ask them to change your password.

Spam Emails Sent From Your Computer

Check your email address book. Do you see any emails you do not remember sending? This is another sign of a network breach. It can be a malware. Hackers use this tactic in order to break into computer systems.

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