The Benefits of Network Security Assessment

Cybersecurity is a major cause of concern for businesses in Australia. Around fifty-six percent of businesses in the country have faced compromised systems.

This includes data breaches and distributed denial of services (DDoS attacks). With a network assessment, they can counter all of these issues. Find out how:

Penetration Testing Services

In penetration testing, a company hires network security specialists who detect loopholes in the network security. How do they do so?

They hack the company’s security system and detect vulnerabilities. With penetration testing, companies find out how a specific attack might affect their system’s security.

The thing about penetration testing is that it can be obstructive and interferes with the operations of the company. Therefore, you cannot perform these tests on a regular basis.

Network Security Assessment

Network security assessment is a lot more thorough than penetration testing. It involves multiple tests.

Once the analysts are done going through the system, they create a detailed report, which provides insight into different ways companies beef up its security.

Because network security assessments are much more thorough, they are a better option than penetration testing. It takes into account any kind of changes you might make in your software in the future.

Unlike, penetration testing, network security assessment does not slow down the operations of the company. All the systems continue to function normally.

By conducting a network assessment on a regular basis, you can ensure that your security systems are always up to date.  

Avoid Falling Prey to Hackers

Network security assessment strengthens your security and prevents hackers from gaining access to your system. It allows you to detect flaws and remove them before hackers can exploit them.

Ensure There Is No Data Breach

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Customers demand companies take measures, which ensure that all of their data stays safe and secure. Companies can ensure this through network security assessment. It also helps create a positive image of the company.

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