How to Keep Your Data Secure On Cloud

Apple is one of the most popular and renowned brands in the world of smartphones. However, their credibility took a major hit back in 2015 when hackers attacked the Apple App Store.

What followed was leaked pictures of famous celebrities online.

These raised concerns among Apple users regarding the safety of their iCloud accounts. Apple immediately went into damage control mode. However, it took quite some time to convince people that their data was secure.

Cloud Technology


The number of people who use Cloud technology is rapidly increasing and it is expected that by the end of 2018, 3.6 billion people will be using this service.

The aforementioned Apple case raised quite a few eyebrows and companies are now looking for ways in which they can ensure their data stays secure. Take a look at some ways they can do so:

Strong Passwords

Nothing puts your data at a greater risk than a weak password. Majority of the attacks on cloud servers are successful because of this reason.

A strong password prevents this problem. Long and complex passwords make it harder for hackers to breach your system’s security.

Make sure you are not too careless with your passwords. Avoid sharing it with people. Changing it regularly also helps.

Use Secure Data Connection

One particular feature that makes Cloud systems so appealing is remote access. It allows you to gain access to your data from any part of the world. However, it is important that you use a secure data connection in order to access your Cloud account.

Use a VPN. It ensures that all the data, which flows in your system, comes through a secure channel. You also need to make sure that the computers in home and laptops have the same level of security as your office computers.

Data Encryption


Data encryption is one of the most effective ways you can ensure that all your information stays safe. In this process, your data is converted into packets, which are then scrambled.

Once the data reaches its destination, it is once again converted in its original form via a unique key. Only the person who has the key can access the data.

Secure Managed Cloud Hosting

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