5 Ways Penetration Testing Can Help Your Business

The era of technology has contributed in expanding the business via web and mobile applications. A company operating in one corner of the world can deal with a global pool of customers.

While the internet has turned out to be a tech miracle, there is always another side of the story. The increasing use of the internet has resulted in inflated cyber crime rates as well.

A survey report produced by the ACCC concluded that 21 businesses suffered from a financial setback of $1.7 million due to cyber attacks in 2016. If you are a company operating via the internet, it is important to ensure your business security by conducting penetration tests.

Here is how penetration testing can help your business.


1. Strengthens Your Business

Penetration testing can identify loopholes in your business’s network. These loopholes can provide a major advantage to hackers while attacking your system.

Penetration testing.png

With penetration testing, you can evaluate potential vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure and can take necessary measures to strengthen the system.

2. Saves you from Fines

Your organization needs to comply with the standards declared by HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, or the PCI DSS. As per standards of the PCI DSS, it is mandatory for a company to conduct annual penetration tests. Conducting penetration testing in your company can save your business from any fines due to non-compliance.

3. Creates Credible Image

It takes only one moment of negligence for a hacker to break into your system. A business that becomes a victim of cyber attack loses its reputation. Penetration testing can eliminate these issues beforehand by ensuring your security system is up-to-date against potential threats.

4. Eliminates Financial Risk

A cyber attack does not only result in file theft and security breach, but hackers also demand large sums of money in some instances. It is therefore important for a business to invest in penetration testing in order to avoid investing huge chunks of money in the name of cyber attacks.


5. Prevents Data Theft

Prevents Data Theft with penetration testing.png


Business data contains crucial information regarding revenue, employees, and customers. No business can afford such data theft. Penetration testing secures your business information and eradicates risk.

If you’re looking for a penetration testing service for your business, get in touch with us today. We conduct external network penetration tests, web application penetration test, web services penetration test, IoT assessment, mobile application penetration test, and source code assessment to ensure your system has no unnoticed vulnerabilities.