Application Security Is Fraught With Mystery – 3 Myths Busted

It is not surprising to see that many companies continue to grapple with application security. It could be the ever-evolving digital tools and platforms or the ever-growing risk of breaches and hacks—whatever the reason, if you plan to sell over the internet, you will inevitably have to create web applications with their own security needs and preferences.

However, since the modern business environment is all about start-ups these days, not many entrepreneurs are well versed with web application security.

This means, for them, application security still sits in the grey area. A lot of misconceptions shadow their approach to maintaining security and of course, cost them big bucks down the line.

Here are some of the common myths about applications security and all you need to know about them:

1. We Have A Reliable Penetration Testing Provider On-board, Which Should Be Enough!

Penetration testing offers benefits. Its ability to precisely point out vulnerabilities in the network proactively make it a must have tool for modern business owners. However, penetration testing isn’t enough. By all means, you are still vulnerable to devastating hacks and breaches.

Penetration tests are also conducted on a scheduled basis. This means, your penetration testing provider will probably know what to do and what to expect before they start the next testing cycle. The case isn’t the same with malware attacks that come unscheduled. Without amply application security you could see your business operations at the knees, overnight.

2. There Is No Need To Worry About Application Security Before It Is Launched

If you think so, you are going to multiply your work, increase risks of failure and chances of inappropriate security.

Web applications and mobile applications need reliable security features at all stages of the development process. Once you have the first, potentially buggy version of your application ready for launch, the security features will ensure the shortcomings don’t serve as entry points for hackers.

3. We Primarily Rely On Commercial Software, Therefore Web Application Security Is None Of Our Concern!

You might want to reconsider. Commercial software today contains third party and open source code. These types of codes can contain vulnerabilities that impact surrounding codes until the risks extend to your website.

Whether you are looking for web security testing or mobile application security testing, our pros have you covered. For years, we have been providing a diverse range of clients with exceptional web vulnerability scanner and security tools that directly improve business operations and profitability.