Why you Need DDoS Protection?

Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks are carried out on websites, especially ecommerce sites, overwhelming the system and taking control of the website. A hacker can use this method to deny the rightful user access to their website. They can gain access to your site and wreak havoc on the system.

Hackers can expose the vulnerabilities in your system and use them to cause financial harm. DDoS attacks are among the most deadly online attacks and can potentially damage your site forever. By utilizing our DDoS protection, you can protect your websites and web applications from DDoS attacks.

Types of DDoS Attacks

In the past, DDoS attacks used to be one dimensional. They used to overwhelm the connection and force the site owner to take their website offline or suffer the consequence. But, as online security evolved, so did the hackers. They have started using new techniques and tools to carry out DDoS attacks. Now there are three wide categories of DDoS attacks:

  1. Volumetric Attacks: This DDoS attack is carried out to cause congestion and consume the bandwidth of the ‘victim’ network or site.
  2. Application-Layer Attacks: These attacks are carried out on Layer-7 and are thought to be the most dangerous type of DDoS attack.
  3. State-Exhaustion Attacks: This attack is an attempt to consume the connection state tables, which are present in many infrastructure components such as load-balancers, firewalls, etc.

Need of DDoS Protection

Our managed DDoS protection service can offer protection from all three types of DDoS attacks mentioned above. A service like ours serves as a barrier between your site and the internet. We monitor all of the traffic that comes into your site and we scan for potential threats and attacking traffic. When such a threat is identified, we send it away, protecting your site or ecommerce store.

DDoS attacks not only threaten your site and your data, they also cause you to lose any customer data you have stored. This could cause you to lose valuable customers, and eventually it can lead to loss of revenues and the brand’s unpopularity. DDoS protection service, like Lean Security's, can help you to prevent attacks such as these, so you can focus on your business and it can prosper.