Future of Cloud Managed Services

Any company in the IT industry has to look towards the future, especially in our particular industry’s case. The future of cloud managed services depends on the rapidly evolving cloud and web-based services. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are rapidly reshaping the cloud services arena with new high-tech services for the convenience of their users. And companies like ours, Lean Security, have to evolve with them or we will perish.

The Future

The future of our industry looks bright and promising, it may be heading towards very interesting possibilities. As we have mentioned above, the cloud and web service providers are coming up with newer and better ways to serve their users, so we too must come up with ways to serve our clients; the users of the aforementioned web and cloud services.


In the not so distant future, the managed cloud service providers will provide their clients with the options to manage their public cloud services. The company providing the cloud managed services will essentially become the manager of all their web based operations and monitor day to day activities, product costs, sales, etc.


As the cloud services evolve, so will the hackers. You can count on them to come up with new attack techniques and tools. This means that cloud managed service providers will have to provide advanced or customized security to their clients. The clients will be able to pick and choose from the type of services they want to create their own customized security plan. We offer this kind of service already, with our various different cloud managed security solutions.


Cloud managed service providers will soon have to offer their clients even faster, better performing hardware; some would say super-computer-esque hardware. So, all the processes and analysis can be performed faster and more efficiently.


The high performance hardware will need more efficient avenues, so the clients can enjoy its maximum benefits. This will demand the implementation of high performance networking. Clients will be able to transfer high data loads by using these networks. This will provide the clients of cloud managed service providers to get the best value for the money they spend.

Some of these services are still in the distant future, and one or two are either soon to arrive or already have. For now, you can enjoy the services we offer and protect your websites and web applications from elements that would harm them.