Here Is How You Can Prevent Data Breaches in Your Company

Data breaches will occur whether you run a small scale business or a fully fledged enterprise. It’s understandable that you would want the best for your business but when it comes to data breaches, being aware of the potential threat is often the first step that’s taken to mitigate this security threat as best as possible. Lean Security, your neighborhood  penetration testing service provides the following tips that can be used to safeguard against security and data breaches.

Institute End User Awareness

This training when carried out provides a definite advantage to the business, but only when end user awareness changes the very culture of the company and makes it more security minded. Moreover, this training if carried out properly can help to eliminate mistakes that typically lead to a security breach as well as help the concerned notice odd behavior or fraudulent activity inside the company.

Deploy Intrusion Detection and Prevention

This should be used for all mission critical systems, as well as those that can be accessed via the internet, i.e. through web servers, e-mail systems, servers housing customer or employee data, active directory server, and/or any other system that’s considered mission critical.

Stop drive-by Downloads

Or in other words, implement content filtering tactics. A number of breaches that occur due to drive-by downloading which open up your machine by a malicious or compromised website, making it easy to exploit and access any information. The ability to block where insiders go is an important component to a good security policy.

Perform Regular Vulnerability Assessments

Conducting regular vulnerability assessments lets organizations know where there security systems stand and what more has to be done to ensure no security breaches takes place. Companies typically perform vulnerability scans once a quarter, but these should be carried out week according to Leak Security. In addition, scans should be performed against every system in the network be it internal or external.

Implement Insider Behavior Monitoring

The system monitoring program will be one where the HR person in your company or any compliance officer has the resources to view and replay behavior of employees can prove to be invaluable to ensuring data security. There are programs and software that can be made use of where you can combine that with data loss prevention technology and come up with rules that block sensitive content from leaving the network.

Implementing this and more will make the difference between a good and secure network that can be achieved by one of many  penetration testing services by Lean Security. After all, why do it yourself when the same can be done for you in a much better manner?