Security Risks That Small Businesses Should Know About

There has been a significant increase in high profile data breach cases over the past two years involving major corporations. This doesn’t mean that small business aren’t safe from hackers and thieves however, as small business don’t even have the necessary resources or know-how by which their important data can be protected.

Does this mean that small businesses are doomed? Lean Security doesn’t think so, as there’s absolutely no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money or resources to safeguard their network against threats prevailing and attacking businesses today. In addition to having a simple cyber plan, the Australian based managed security services reckons knowing about the threats is the first step to fighting against them.        

 #1: Malicious Code

You don’t want this to occur, what happened to a manufacturing firm where all the company code generators and programs were destroyed by a software bomb, subsequently causing the company to lose millions of dollars. As a result, the company was unceremoniously thrown out from its previous position in the industry and had to lay off 80 workers!

How Can This Not Happen To You: Install anti-virus, anti-spyware programs and firewalls on all computers that are being used in your business and make sure that the computer software is up-to-date and contain only the most recent patches.

#2: Stolen/Lost Laptop or Mobile Device

There have been occurrences of laptops being stolen from government officials’ homes, containing sensitive information that could have been and in most cases was used for illegal or devious purposes. In one instance, the affected department had to notify 26.5 million people of the incident, resulting in public scrutiny and hearings into the matter.

How Can This Not Happen To You:  Have all the data of your customers encrypted when travelling and taking it anywhere on a portable device which will make the data unreadable to outsides until a password or encryption key is entered.

#3: Spear Phishing

This threat is prevalent for those businesses that rely heavily on e-mail as a mode to conduct business. Imagine if your company received as many as 50,000 spam and phishing emails in the course of a normal business day. Do you your employees know the difference between a regular email and a spam one? If not, then your business runs the risk of accidentally opening a spear phishing email which can either bring a virus into the system’s network or steal important info such as the administrator password.

How Can This Not Happen To You: If such an email is received, it’s recommended that employees either contact their manager or simply pick up the phone and get in touch with the one who supposedly emailed it.  

The above threats and more can be aptly addressed by Lean Security, the only managed security services in Australia that offer a free security assessment of your company’s website. So what are you waiting for?