Web Application Security Testing: Focusing on Certain Areas of Web App

Nowadays, businesses are highly depended on web-based data. The Australian e-commerce market experienced a growth of 11.5% from 2016–2017 and has been following a similar trend since then. A huge amount of data is exchanged, stored and transferred through online platforms on a daily basis.

With such a rapid rate of growth, accountability and security of online assets are of utmost priority for all businesses. Therefore, companies are advised to carry out necessary tests to ensure the safety of their websites and online applications.

Stringent web security tests are imperative in the modern world. It ensures that confidential information remains safe from malicious online attacks and hackers. It makes sure that only authorized users can access sensitive data.

Here are some important aspects that should be considered before you perform a security test on your web application.

Keep Strong Login Credentials:

A user name and password of your online site plays a key role in its protection. And hackers are always finding tools to crack this information.  All they need is to guess possible keywords for your login credentials. Once they find their way in, they can access your applications inside and out.

Login Credentials.png


Web security testing will help you detect vulnerabilities in your application such as your password strength. Therefore, it’s always advised to keep a complex password, something that isn’t easy to guess. Weak passwords are cracked easily and hacked by cybercriminals, leaving your information vulnerable.

Regular Checks:

This is one of the most crucial steps for securing web platforms. But it’s often neglected or forgotten. Businesses that store customer information should perform routine checks. These tests will check for potential vulnerabilities and threats to your application.

This step is often considered a compulsory requirement by many government industries. It should be followed regularly during web application security testing.

Software Testing Practices:

During software development, security testing should be one of the first steps and shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Don’t leave security tests for the end. Perform an early security test while you design the website or application for your business.

If any vulnerability is identified during the process, it can be a huge setback in the development of your application. Involve your development operation team to reduce the risk and cost of remediation.

Fixing Bugs:

During the process of security testing, the development team often finds vulnerabilities called software bugs. Rather than making a list of these issues to be solved later on in the development cycle, it’s a great approach to fix them at hand. Prioritize these fixes and avoid delays.

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