Cloud-Based Mobile Application Testing—What Should You Focus On?

As the mobile app industry thrives globally, Australia has also observed a stark increase in the usage of mobile applications over the past few years. The total revenue generated by Australian mobile app industry was expected to be $2 billion between the years 2018–2019. This increased demand also calls for quality and secure experience.

Understanding Mobile App Security

To measure the performance of applications, every mobile application has to pass standard tests and checks. And one of the most techniques for testing apps is cloud-based testing. Hiring a service provider for cloud-based app testing allows business owners to simulate the hardware of a device virtually. This significantly reduces the time required to check a mobile application for threats and vulnerabilities.

What Comes Next?

If you’re all set to get your application checked, you need to consider a few points beforehand. Here are some important things to focus while getting your application tested through a cloud-based server.

Know About Your Device

Testing your device on a cloud isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to learn about the type of your machine and all the other devices and technologies that are compatible with it. It might be possible that the platform of your app doesn’t support cloud computing. This can be a major problem for business owners.

development process of your mobile app.png


During the development process of your mobile app, prioritize all the security tests. Learn about the model of your device, system software and core information of your app to ensure compatibility with your cloud server.

Infrastructure Issues

Your services provider might not be able to provide all the relevant resources for a cloud-based mobile app testing. They might need to create the testing environment from scratch for you. This can create a huge hurdle during your procedure, wasting a lot of time and money.


Before selecting a security consultant, make sure they have the necessary technology, configuration, and storage space to carry out your security checks.

Cost of the Procedure

Before you start working with a company to test your business application on a virtual server, it’s better to learn about any hidden charges. Amateurs often end up using test environments incorrectly. This can result in a sudden rise in the cost of the testing procedure.

To avoid this, make sure to plan your testing procedure in detail with the vendor and consider all additional costs like data encryption and extra use of resources.

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