Why You Should Include QA in Your Web App Development Process

The use of mobile applications has replaced desktop browsing. Thus, the development of mobile-friendly web applications has become an absolute necessity for businesses.

The ownership of smartphones and tablets increased in Australia from 11.1 million to 15.3 million in 2015. Ever since then, the numbers have only been rising. According to a survey, Australians spent 63% of their time on smartphones and other digital devices. Moreover, research conducted by Google shows that 84% of consumers use their mobile phones to help them shop even when they’re in the store.

When web applications are becoming an integral part of the recent retail landscape, it’s extremely important for every business owner to make sure that their web app is up to date.

How can I ensure that? The answer to this question is simple: through quality assurance.

What’s Quality Assurance (QA)?

Quality assurance is essentially an umbrella term that refers to a number of tools and processes used to conduct thorough testing of an application to identify all the bugs and errors that might cause a negative impact on user experience. The purpose of QA is to make sure that a web application runs flawlessly and without any glitches.

Best Practices for QA

To ensure that your web application gets you optimum results, work with IT experts to include these QA practices in the development process of your app.

Compatibility Testing: Your web application’s design should be mobile-friendly.

Performance Check: The web app shouldn’t crash under any circumstances, including instances of heavy load on servers.

Evaluate all Elements: Test all the features and elements separately to maximise security, instead of running security checks on the web application as a whole.

network vulnerability assessment.png


Benefits of QA in Web Application Development Process

Here’s why including quality assurance in your web application development process is necessary.

It Saves Money

A faulty web application can cost you more than a financial loss; you can end up losing your customers and suffering a blow to your brand’s reputation. By conducting thorough QA tests, you can save yourself all that trouble and some cash!

It Maximises User Experience

User experience (UX) is an important determinant of your app’s popularity. By making sure all glitches, bugs and errors are taken care of before the release of the app; you can make sure your customers have the best time engaging with your brand.

It Promotes Productivity

By conducting QA tests during the mobile application development process, you can fix the problems in real-time. Now that you know no unauthorised personnel can hack into your system, your customers’ information is safe and the app work flawlessly. You can enjoy peace of mind and work on other important aspects of your business.

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