6 Necessary Security Software for Small Businesses

A survey discovered that 1 out of 3 Australian businesses are a prime target for cybercriminal activity. And unfortunately, 56% of small businesses in Australia don’t have adequate protective measures in place to prevent cyberattacks. Consequently, they end up facing devastating impacts caused by data breaches, which include information theft, loss of customer trust, revenue loss and more.

To help you fortify the security of your system, we present to you six necessary security software that you must invest in!

1. Antivirus

Your computers and mobile devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the presence of a virus can make your entire system useless. Thus, it’s extremely important to invest in antivirus software such as Norton, which will help you keep your system clean so you can enjoy maximum protection for your business.

2. Network Security

Network security protects businesses from falling prey to harmful spyware and losing data and critical information. You can secure your network by using an encrypted Wi-Fi, and making sure your data stays safe.

3. Anti-Spyware

Spyware are malicious software that hide in a computer system, spy on the online activity and extract critical information such as credit card details and personal information to possibly use in fraud and other criminal activities. To prevent your business’s operating system from the infiltration of spyware, you need to invest in anti-spyware software that’ll ensure the privacy of your system.

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4. Firewalls

To prevent hackers, viruses and unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your system, you need to put up a firewall. The rules of firewall software are customisable; the business owner can add or remove filters such as IP addresses, domain names and more.

5. Bots Mitigation

Bots attack a business’s system to extract sensitive data and place spam posts on its website. With bot management and mitigation software you can identify if the requests to access your website are made by real people or automated bots.

6. Encryption Software

Encryptions are essentially your data turned into secret codes; encrypted data can only be viewed by authorised personnel, which prevents sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

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