Understanding the Importance of Cloud Security

Perhaps the most important asset of any organization after its employees is its business data. With the cost of data breaches estimated to be around $3.86 million, business owners are looking towards cloud security as an effective protection mechanism against cyber attacks.

In this blog, we highlight a few key reasons why having cloud-based security is important for your organization.

Centralized Security

Similar to how cloud computing centralizes data and applications, cloud security provides centralized protection. Cloud-based networks consist of numerous endpoints and devices. Managing these networks allows for enhanced traffic analysis, fewer policy and software updates, and streamlines the monitoring of events. Disaster recovery plans are also easy to implement and put into effect in case of an emergency.


The IT needs of any company depend on the size of its operations. A small start-up won’t have the same requirements as a large enterprise with thousands of employees. Cloud solutions enable organizations to efficiently scale up or down depending on their business demands.

 Such demands can fluctuate based on a number of external factors and an increase doesn’t require a company to exhaust resources on increasing or upgrading its physical infrastructure.

This level of flexibility and agility grants organizations a considerable competitive edge over those that don’t utilize cloud computing.

Loss Prevention

For businesses that have yet to invest in cloud security, all their data lies in their office computers and face the constant risk of corruption, hardware malfunctioning, human errors, and viruses. They’re also at risk of internal theft.

Cloud security mitigates any such risks as the data is transferred onto the cloud and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Automatic Software Updates

With older legacy systems, software updates are long and tedious. They can put a halt to business operations resulting in wasted opportunities. Cloud-based applications are refreshed and updated themselves and save an organization from resources it has to spend on manual, company-wide updates as well as IT consultation costs. 50% of businesses reported less spending on internal IT resources after they adopted cloud security.

Disaster Recovery

Maintaining control of business operations is a key ingredient for achieving long-term success. Unfortunately, despite organizations best efforts, there’ll always be certain processes and factors beyond their control.

Downtimes result in lost revenue, productivity, and negatively affect the brand image. Cloud security provides fast data recovery for a wide range of possible scenarios ranging from power outages to natural disasters in a matter of a few hours.

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Effective cloud-based solutions allow organizations to conduct business without worrying about security threats which may result in data loss. Our secure cloud managed hosting will save you from all the drawbacks of having to rely on an on-premises infrastructure. Contact us today!