3 Safety Concerns With Cloud Data Storage

Entrusting a third-party with personal data and sensitive information sounds a bit risky. This is primarily why cloud storage was received skeptically by a lot of users.

Even though this technology made waves in the industry, it still concerns many about how reliable and trustworthy it is.

In spite of hackers trying to dissuade consumers from accepting this innovation, cloud storage has emerged as by far the most reliable data storage facility.  

Its popularity is not baseless. Here are all the safety concerns that cloud data storage addresses to give consumers a safe place to store data.

How Could Apple’s iCloud Be Hacked If the Cloud Is So Secure?

Polls showed that the popularity of cloud storage fell by a large margin when Apple’s iCloud was attacked. Private pictures of 26 renowned celebrities were stolen from their respective accounts. The stolen pictures were of a highly sensitive nature and violated the privacy of 26 individuals! This raised hue and cry among the public and consumers as they started doubting the security of cloud storage.

However, media played a great role in manipulating the news and compromising the credibility of cloud storage. What deadlines didn’t tell was that the cloud’s security wasn’t compromised actually. It was the weakness of Apple’s password security which enabled hackers to use guesswork to intrude in the privacy of others. The reality in fact was that the cloud was not compromised.

How Is The Cloud Secured

Encryption is the key through which cloud keeps all the data secured. Difficult algorithms are used to encrypt data and keep information protected. Encrypted data cannot be accessed without deciphering the code first.

In order to decode the encrypted messages, the hacker would require the encryption key. Without immense computer processing, a heavy software, and power, the data cannot be decrypted.

It’s true that data in cloud storage is not 100% safe; it’s still better and more secure than data that’s locally protected. This is because the data in cloud is locked under complex security parameters that can’t be devised easily by an ordinary computer user.


What Can We Do To Keep Our Data Safe?

Protecting sensitive information and keeping it safe is as much your responsibility as it is your storage provider’s.

Using the same pass code for multiple platforms alerts cyber criminals to try a hand at accessing your personal data.

It’s equally important to include symbols, numbers and letters to make your password as complex and hard to crack as possible. Passwords should also not contain personal information like names, dates of birth, ages, contacts or addresses. If a hacker knows you personally, he/she might even have all these personal details saved so you’re paving way for your own loss.

Planning to switch to cloud data storage for better safety?

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