Web Security Issues You’re Not Addressing

Back in 2013, a popular research study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded that inadequate web security and tools cost the economy as much as $22.2 billion annually.

Things don’t seem to be getting any better. As the modern business environment continues to grow so do the numbers of people looking to exploit key business information transmitted over the internet.

If you are looking forward to web security testing to identify if your website and applications deliver the data safety protection you promised, don’t forget to address the following issues.

Cross Site Scripting

Cross site scripting works by injecting code through a client-side script in the web application’s output. The primary concept behind cross site scripting to get hold of client side scripts and execute imminent steps just like the hacker would want.

It can be used to deface websites on your browser, redirect you to malicious websites and even hijack user sessions.

Broken Authentication

If you have issues like broken session management and authentication, address these issues before anything else. If your authentication credentials are not protected, broken sessions management could be the perfect chance to breach into your company data.

Insecure References

When a web application exposes any reference to an internal implementation page, it is called insecure direct object reference. Internal pages could show up in the form of database records, keys, directories and even other confidential information. It’s as simple as this—when a webpage leads to a reference where critical information is displayed, this page can be used to access other parts of your website including personal data.

Security Misconfigurations

Security misconfigurations often go unnoticed and they are among the most common issues behind security risks and vulnerabilities. A secure configuration must be deployed for database server, web server, frameworks, and the platform.

Double check all configurations as even the slightest error here could end up compromising your entire system.

SQL Injections

SQL injection issues involve a hacker who attempts to use application code to access, corrupt or modify database content. In case the hacker is successful, he/she will be able to edit, alter, read and delete data from backend database. While SQL injections are among the most common web security issues, they are also among the most ignored.

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