Eliminate The Blind Spot On Your Web Application

There is no need to develop a web or mobile application if it’s going to be offline most of the time. In addition to inconveniencing your customers, the web application won’t generate anything of value for your business!

Yes, you can select a web application support vendor who will oversee security objectives of your business, but what should you look for in such a professional?

Features, brand, and price are some common selection criteria. However, you must also explore several specific capabilities that will bring positive impact on the end-solution.

Following are 5 critical factors that should be kept in mind when choosing a managed service provider for you web application.  

False Positive Removal

Most managed services use automated vulnerability scanners to test applications (for vulnerabilities). While automated scanners do work, it’s the same as casting a large net into the ocean. These automated scanners help identify relevant, ‘real’ vulnerabilities; however, some false positives will show up as well.

It’s up to your IT and security department to sift through all vulnerabilities and find the real ones! The chosen managed service vendor therefore should be equipped to removal false positives as well.

Continuous Assessment

New zero day vulnerabilities pop up every week. If not tested regularly, the vulnerabilities can take root in your web applications and possibly wreak havoc. Continuous assessment and testing therefore is absolutely necessary, especially if you are thinking of integrating security into the software development lifecycle.

Remediation Guidance

What feature separates an excellent application security testing provider from the rest? It’s the remediation guidance.

A good remediation guidance feature will let you know the best ways to clean up your application to ensure a seamless operation. Choose your vendor based on how much remediation guidance they provide and their responsiveness towards your queries.

Risk Management Capabilities

You won’t have the important resources at your disposal to fix all vulnerabilities that crop up, especially if you operate a small scale organisation. This is one reason why choosing a professional managed service provider based on their risk monitoring and management capability is a good idea. You’ll also be able to address critical vulnerabilities in a timely fashion, before they can do much damage.

Vulnerability Risk Ratings

An important role is played by vulnerability risk ratings especially when it comes to the prioritisation and remediation process. It doesn’t matter how your organisation manages risks as your chosen vendor will be keeping a close eye on how vulnerabilities evolve in the first place. This will;

Ø  Accurately reflect potential impact

Ø  Associated damage risk

Ø  Likelihood of exploitation

Why are you wasting time and money if your current managed security service vendor doesn’t offer all of the above? Take a look at how Lean Security can help!