Avoid A Costly Security Breach With These Essential Tips

Human error is the single reason why 52% of security breaches occur in the world.

This is why Lean Security is the biggest advocate of employee training when it comes to web applications and implementation of proper security protocols.

We’ve established the importance of educating employees on security breaches.

Here, we discuss how costly security breaches can be avoided altogether!  

Emphasize the Importance of Security to Employees

Employees, both new and old, should realize risks associated with poor security practices, i.e. what will happen if they were applied in the website’s framework. Cyber criminals head straight to identity or financial theft, which holds dire consequences for everyone involved.  

Always Protect Sensitive Information

Cyber criminals and hackers are constantly on the lookout for confidential user data, in the form of email addresses, payment card numbers, and social security numbers.

They can easily gain access to this financial information, without much effort on their part. Why? The data and information is right there for access!

Most of the time it’s the user who shares such information via email. To make sure this doesn’t happen, install a secure file transfer system which encrypts data and information first before sending.

Enforce Strong Passwords on All Web Applications

This is the obvious way to protect information from getting into the wrong hands. Web applications and platforms ask users to utilize strong passwords when signing up for a site or service. We really don’t pay attention and create passwords that are easy and simple to crack.

Characteristics of a strong password are;

Ø  At least 8 characters long

Ø  Containing numbers, symbols, and capital letters

Ø  Password not created with help of a dictionary

Help Identify Phishing and Other Scams

Do your employees understand that clicking on phishing emails can cause the system to become infected with vulnerabilities? Did you know the only way to make sure vulnerabilities and viruses don’t affect web applications and an internet system is by spotting them?

Cybercriminals make use of well crafted emails by which users can be tricked. The emails contain links and attachments which can either collect data or introduce malware to the system, when clicked.

Update All Systems to the Newest System Software

Thousands of websites are scanned by hackers by the hour, in search of vulnerabilities. Upon discovery of security holes and bugs, hackers are quick to attack that software. This is why users must make sure their plugin themes and platform installations are updated and only the latest versions are installed.

Professional help can also be found in the form of Lean Security’s advanced web security testing and assessment services. Get in touch with us today and know more about the service that’s going to help make your web application more secure.