Can Your Website Withstand The Pressure Of A Live Video Event?

Businesses have finally learnt about load testing? In 2013, companies like Calvin Klein, Coke, Axe and several others suffered a massive crash (after putting in millions to air adverts) during the Super Bowl. Yes, why should we worry about the Super Bowl? It isn’t about the sport but how companies picked themselves up and did something about their site’s awful load times.

The fact that only one site crashed last year during the game communicates a lot about how seriously companies are treating the issue, especially with something as big as a live event at stake.

Live Video Streaming Becoming an Important Part of Consumerism

Before the emergence of live video streaming, the world may have thought: what are the chances of thousands of viewers watching the same thing at the same time? It’s hard to imagine even now, when watching videos has never been easier, how video streaming live has become an important part of consumerism.

Website load testing has become an essential element, as online viewing changes from binge watching on Hulu or Netflix into watching live video events. Companies that have shifted their marketing to the online video spectrum or stream video on demand know more than ever the issues their site can (and does) face under pressure of a live event.

Live Video Events Not the Same as Online Streaming

It’s a one-shot deal when it comes to video live events. The very nature of this mode of online video viewing means interested individuals will likely tune at the same time as everyone else - which is a lot of online traffic for the host site.

The Trouble with Video Live Streaming

Take a note of this next time you stream a live rugby match between two very popular teams: is the video loading fast enough? Is the streaming clear and unhanging? For a live video stream to be successful, the hosting site doesn’t only need fast load times for the video, but the site itself should be able to stay up despite a giant wave of online traffic.

Does your website experience any video streaming issues? One way to find out is by employing live video load testers that’ll test load times of your website under stress. You can also contact Lean Security and ask about our website application testing services.