Why Online Businesses Should Go For Managed and Secure Cloud Hosting Services?

Considered to be the hottest debate today in the information technology community, cloud computing is subjected to some criticism as well as a lot of fame. Those in support of the technology, suggest that the scalability, flexibility, and economics of the cloud; make cloud based website management, a practical and logical choice, while its opponents point out the concerns related to privacy and security, which are reasons strong enough, to not move businesses to the cloud.

We believe, from the perspective of a company that focuses on providing secure cloud based security servicesas well as a number of other information technology solutions to customers for their online businesses; that it is quite possible to get the best of both worlds.

Since security is the biggest argument that is based against cloud computing, a safe and secure website application hosting through cloud is possible; especially for small to mid range businesses. In fact, cloud computing is actually more secure than locally managed systems. Why?

Provides Multifactor Authentication

A number of cloud hosting and computing vendors in Australia offer a multi-factor authentication feature as part of their service now. This feature actually provides a higher level of security as compared to the more traditional username and password authentication feature.

The way this feature works is by combining something you know, example a password with a hard token; with something you have. Lastly, a biometric identification may or may not be needed to complete the authentication procedure.

Unfortunate though, most small and mid range businesses don’t possess the resources with which they can implement such an effective authentication capability on their own, which is why managed web application service providers offer this feature to them.

Provides Security Patching

Majority of the software products that come into use every day by online businesses require a lot of diligence and attention when applying and testing security patches comes into the equation.

Once again, most companies simply don’t have enough resources with which they can adequately and properly hope to perform such a complex and time consuming task of making sure that the security patches are up and working the way they are supposed to, which puts a significant risk to their network systems.

Provides Physical Security

Reputable website hosting service providers that also provide cloud hosting and various other security based services in Australia, conduct their hosting in facilities which possess much stronger physical security, a feature that small and midsized companies can’t provide for.

Offers Security Certifications

There are many businesses that require proper security certification to be able to sell their services and products, but getting the certifications, proves to be highly expensive for small and mid range businesses to achieve; therefore such service providers can also give access to certified facilities and systems which makes it very easy for you to do your business.

Even if no certification is needed to run your business, this surety is an added benefit.

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