Controlling Security Risks in Cloud

The world is observing a definite trend Shift as businesses have started moving over to cloud with their data as well as their services. The cloud-computing sector is observing an explosive growth as numerous cloud computing service providers are springing up. As it happened with most technologies in the past, opinions got divided on merit. While most of the analysts deem cloud computing a revolutionary change, a few of them are worried about the control of security risks in cloud.

The probable result of cloud computing growth is certainly not as black and white as some people prefer to see it. Today, cloud is the internet, and Internet is practically everywhere. Therefore, service providers are able to perform business internationally with little technological effort. May be cloud computing is not the ultimate solution for each and every company that is out there.

According to an open source software evangelist Richard Stallman, cloud services are a trap. He suggests that companies and individuals should not end up putting their trust in these services since they have access to all of their important and valuable data and information. Although these points are valid, they are quite extreme as most cloud service providing companies offer managed security options by availing which enterprises can keep their data and information safe even when they are on the cloud.

Smaller organizations and enterprises that do business around the world can benefit immensely from services that are provided by the cloud. The only thing that they should be careful about is that they should only go for a cloud services provider who is reliable and has a good reputation in the market. Since acquiring cloud services from an unreliable service provider or managed security services provider can prove to be harmful for the enterprise.

It is advised that enterprises and institutions should adopt a habit of getting a risk assessment performed before a resolution is made on the addition of sensitive data or information on the cloud. a variety of security controls can be employed in order to lessen the potential risks and to ensure safety. Security is not essentially solely depending on a single control, it is basically the overall functionality of each and every security control that’s implemented.

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