What is Network Perimeter and how to Secure it?

Network perimeters are basically the boundaries between locally managed and privately managed sections of a network and the public and usually provider-managed side of a network. It is a network that is closest to a router that you are not allowed to control.

A perimeter network usually is the concluding step that a packet has to take when navigating one of the networks whilst going to the internet. It is also the first network that the incoming traffic from the internet has to go through. Majority of network administrators construct perimeter networks with the intention of placing firewalls in between the outside world and their system in order to be able to filter packet traffic.


The security of perimeter network ensures that the entire information technology system of an enterprise is completely safe from the hackers that might be trying to intrude and steal sensitive information to put the enterprise in danger.

Enterprises that do not keep their networks secure are exposed to all potential threats. They should know that taking preventive measures is always better than having to fix an unexpected problem because it may end up in losses that cannot be recovered and it is not wise to delude yourself into thinking that your network is safe from all sorts of threats.


To analyze what kind of a security plan your enterprise’s network needs, you need to understand the workings of your network. This would serve as the first layer of protection. In order to guarantee a safe architecture that you can depend on, you should initiate with comprehending what must be defended. After that, you should look into designing your network perimeter security.

This way you will be able to alter it as your requirements will change over time. Make sure that this design is flexible and will fulfill your future needs when they change a little. Good network security perimeter architecture entails numerous layers of protection, advanced policies and proper segmentation. This will make it almost impossible for a hacker to intrude.

Taking help from a Managed Security Service Provider is the best way to go about it, because then you don’t have to worry about securing your network and will be saving time and money as well.

At Lean Security, we go out of our way to provide our clients with multilayered network perimeter security solutions. Our service is based on our understanding of typical internal and external threats associated with the perimeter of the corporate cloud network of your organization. Morover, we offer remarkable quality at the most reasonable cost.