How Are You Shielding Your Business Against the Threats Related to Web Applications?

Web applications have been in trend for a while now and they keep on advancing. They have perhaps penetrated all the crucial segments of our daily lives that include our corporate and business world as well. Business applications related to accounting, customer relationship Management, collaboration, Enterprise Resource Management, online banking, content management, E-commerce are now all made available on the Internet. Web Applications have played a vital role in increasing speed and accessibility to all kinds of business information for an enterprise’s clients, partners and employees. They have also assisted in allowing savings. Today, not only have most things shifted to the web but almost all of them host a business’ most sensitive and valuable data.

Cyber criminal activity and intrusions are also very common these days and therefore, web applications frequently get attacked. The reason behind these attacks is that web applications are practically everywhere, and if not secured properly, they offer a very simple entry into the most sensitive and profitable information chambers of a company.

According to a study, 73 percent of companies get hacked in the duration of 24 months, simply because of flaws in their web applications security plans. The prime reason behind the security gap is that most of the enterprises that have now shifted to cloud environment and are using web applications, still rely on the security of conventional network firewalls and anti malware software in order to guard their data.


As the requirements of a business expand, they build new web applications in order to meet their special needs. High demands like these end up creating high-pressure situations for developers and programmers, particularly when it engages the development of boundless improvements and brand new functionalities.

If a company does not have proper and secure development practices for software, putting in just the tiniest features on web applications can end up leading to inconceivable vulnerabilities. In addition to these, factors like flaws in logics, backup files that are forgotten, code debugging, and other expansion and production linked vulnerabilities are a customary challenge to web application security in the corporate world.


There are numerous instances of Web application attacks that actually have nothing to do with logic or coding errors. A lot of times, web application threats come from protocol, language, or the platforms that are used to deliver these web applications. All these things can be put into the category of the web applications’ environment.

One of the biggest reasons behind the fact that most web application attacks are successful these days is that the attackers and intruders usually come in a way that is similar to the way in which any legitimate user would come in. They make sure that they are not disturbing any of the RFC’s or W3C’s standards.

Managed Security Services Providers

Solutions to counter security threats when it comes to web applications can be numerous and comprehensive. But with one simple step, they can all be easily avoided without a hassle. This simple one stop solution is acquiring the services of a managed security services provider.

Managed security services providers can provide the following solutions collectively, offering the following services:

  1. They offer risk mitigation to make sure that all threats are stopped before they turn into full-blown emergencies.
  2. They also offer enhanced network visibility with round-the-clock monitoring.
  3. They provide improved network performance, utilization, and uptime In order to allow businesses to make the most of their efficacy.
  4. They also provide flexibility in expanding Information Technology resources for strategic projects.
  5. They present effortlessness in the management of networks to let business owners dedicate their consideration to matters that are comparatively more urgent.
  6. With them, you will have to pay reduced expenses for your network’s maintenance for better outcomes.
  7. They will give you a proactive and practical approach to the resolution of issues related to your system.

Picking an experienced and trustworthy Managed Security Services Provider will keep you from fretting about the security of your company’s web applications.

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