Data Loss Prevention – Problems and Solutions

If you own a business and have to occasionally deal with data loss because of intruders, chances are, you are not aware of all the steps that you can take to secure your web applications and cloud environment.

Data loss is very common in businesses that do not take proper prevention measures. While data loss might not seem like a huge problem initially, it can potentially ruin a business infrastructure if not taken seriously. There are those out there who keep their eyes on businesses and aim to destroy them. While there is that, there are also ways that can help you shield your cloud environment and web applications against data loss threats.

Following are a few pointers that you should keep in mind to effectively prevent data loss in your enterprise.


Make sure that your business’ important and sensitive data cannot be accessed by your employees who are not concerned with it. The reason behind this strategy is that if your data can be accessed by any of your employees, chances are, it can be accessed by the intruders as well.


Always backup important data, files, documents, and programs on a regular basis. Backups are basically considered an essential part of the data loss prevention strategy as they offer an accurate copy of the data that has been lost. It is so far the fastest and the easiest way to recover your data if it has been lost.

Nevertheless, backups can be useless if the redundant copy cannot be used by the business. Therefore, checks should be regularly conducted every now and then to make sure that the backup is in a usable condition, up to date, and free from all kinds of viruses and malware. This way, it will come in handy if disaster strikes.


Another strategy that should be religiously followed is the prevention of human error. Passwords should be used where there are important and confidential files or programs in order to prevent erasure by accident.


If you end up accidentally deleting or missing your data for no obvious reason, do not make the mistake of creating new files, moving other files around, or saving any old files that you might have, because by doing so, you will be making the possibility of data recovery nearly impossible. To be able to recover the lost data, all activity should immediately be stopped in order to avoid permanent data loss.


The best and most reliable way to go about preventing data loss is to acquire the services of an experienced Managed Security Services Provider. Managed Security Service Providers eliminate the need of hiring in-house developers and IT technicians at work that may build a security infrastructure to avoid data loss incidents. Managed Security Services cover everything from data backup to regular scanning of the system, monitoring intrusions etc. They are a one-stop solution to all the security needs of an enterprise.

In this age of Information Technology Advancement, we can have extensive repercussions that cause a ripple effect as more and more people keep being affected from data loss incidents. The jeopardy of losing data is augmenting on a daily basis as an increasing number of people are choosing to use and rely on computers and technology. They say prevention is better than cure, so it is always a better idea to shield your sensitive data before you end up losing it.

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