Hidden Backdoors into Your WordPress Page

Like every other popular service or software on the internet, WordPress is prone to hacker attacks. There are some vulnerabilities in WordPress itself. Other security risks are created because of user neglect and carelessness. Users create websites and blog pages using WordPress and all their information is at risk when proper care is not taken to keep the pages secure.

Following are some common security risks that users face when using WordPress, by avoiding these you can keep your websites safe:


WordPress personnel are regularly coming out with updated versions of their web software to remedy the issues that their users face. Most people don’t update or forget to update their WordPress to the newer version which leaves their pages vulnerable.

Another mistake made regarding the WordPress version; users display the version they are using on their page. This allows hackers to learn the version and their job is made much easier. By removing the version display from your page and updating to the newest version of WordPress you can avoid these issues.


Users of WordPress have the option of customizing their pages by using various plugins and themes. These can make a website stylish and user friendly, but overuse can leave a backdoor open for hackers to access your page. Be very stingy with your plugin and theme use. Only use the ones that are essential and keep them updated to latest versions to negate risks.


Don’t use admin as your username and password. That would be equivalent to giving your house key to a thief. Choose a unique username and a complicated/strong password. If there are multiple users then make certain that they all adhere to this rule. Remove any user accounts that are unused.


Not all hosting services are secure enough to host your WordPress sites. Choose a hosting service after ensuring that it provides adequate security to your website. WordPress security and your personal efforts will be futile if your hosting service isn’t secure.


Even after taking all the precautions there are still risks that are unavoidable. Because of that reason, you should keep a backup of your webpage. If there is an attack on your site which compromises it, you can use the backup to restore your site easily.

Keep the aforementioned precautions and advice in mind for the safety of your WordPress sites. The best option is to get security software which has features that will help you monitor your WordPress pages and keep them secure effortlessly.