Cloud Security Tools Which Are Worth It

How can you be protected on the cloud? Cloud computing brings reduced costs, scalability, and increased mobility to businesses along with security concerns. Many organizations are migrating their data and software on to the cloud due to its increased popularity. However, where cloud computing is proving to be beneficial, it is also facing security concerns. Here are some cloud security tools, which are worth it to be secure on the cloud:


Currently in beta, Bitglass provides protection to business data. It is usable on mobile devices as well as computers. It improves the visibility of data and reduces the risk of data loss. Bitglass gives a combination of security types in one package. For cloud security services specifically, it gives the ability to detect usage of cloud applications, track business data on the internet, and encrypt data, which is uploaded on the cloud. By tracking data on the internet, it allows visibility for file sharing even when employees upload data onto personal file sharing services. Bitglass allows to wipe data on mobile device without using additional software. It provides specific builds for commonly used cloud apps such as Gmail or Salesforce, but variants are also available to configure with any cloud-based applications your business might use.


Ciphercloud encrypts data directly at the business gateway. It aims to ensure data security, which is contained within the cloud system. It encrypts data during uploading and decrypts it during downloading. Since the encryption keys remain within the business network, unauthorized users are unable to view data; they will only see indecipherable text.


Skyhigh networks allow you to discover and secure the usage of your cloud applications. It provides you with a cloud application risk assessment of all cloud apps being used by your employees, by tracking logs from existing proxies and firewalls. The analysis tools it provides are able to detect inconsistencies in security policies and potential data leaks.


Okta aims to provide secure single sign on for all on-premise and mobile cloud applications used in the business. It provides among other features, automated user management, multifactor authentication, support for mobile devices and flexible security policies. It enables you to trace user access to cloud through audit logs and allows setting access policies from a centralized position.

All these security applications provide ample security solutions to tackle threats on cloud computing, but app suitability for your business will depend on your business security needs and problems.