Terms and Conditions

Security Audit
Lean Technologies Pty Ltd (T/A “Lean Security”) agrees to provide the services specified in the Proposal (“Security Audit”) and the Client agrees to pay the fees specified in the Proposal in relation to that Security Audit.

Client Acknowledgement
The Client acknowledges that:

  • In the absence of the express consent and agreement by the Client to the Security Audit, the conduct of the Security Audit by Lean Security may constitute an offence; the Client hereby provides express consent to the conduct of the Security Audit by Content Security;
  • The Security Audit is completed by Lean Security on the basis of the information provided to Lean Security by the Client (“Client Information”) and Lean Security is not obliged to query the relevance or accuracy of any Client Information for the purposes of the Security Audit;
  • The Actions and Deliverables provided by Lean Security are provided on the basis of the Client Information.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property
Each party shall keep all information obtained in connection with the Security Audit (“Confidential Information”) confidential, and must obtain the express consent of the other party before disclosing any information to any third party.

All intellectual property, including copyright, developed by Lean Security in the course of the Security Audit (“Intellectual Property”) vests in Lean Security.

Lean Security grants a non exclusive perpetual license to the Client to use the Intellectual Property.

Nothing shall prevent Lean Security from providing the Confidential information to any of its advisors, legal representatives or where required by law.

Rules of Engagement
If necessary, Lean Security will provide a testing plan and timetable to the Client prior to beginning vulnerability testing. The test plan will conform to the agreed upon “rules of engagement” to minimise the risk of damage to the Client resources.

The Client indemnifies Lean Security against prosecution, claims, liability or loss including any costs, charges or expenses arising from its proper performance of the Security Audit.

Lean Security is not liable for any loss, damage, expense or cost incurred by the Client arising out of:

  • Compliance with any instruction or direction from the Client;
  • Provision of any Action or Deliverable based on the Client Information;
  • Delay, non-receipt or receipt of any Client Information;
  • Proper performance of the Security Audit.

Lean Security’s liability under the Proposal and these Terms and Conditions is limited to the sum of Fees paid by the Client under the Proposal.