Make Your Business Safer

Does your business know how to keep its data safe and secure from threats both internal and external? Is your business even sure that it’s aware of all potential threats it might face or vulnerabilities in its management of data security? Is your security strategy aligning well with your business goals and objectives?

Lean Security’s information security risks assessment services could transform your business today. This is about so much more than what your standard consulting services offer in the areas of business security and risk assessment. This is about more than peace of mind. It’s about offering a genuine solution to any threats your organization might be facing in terms of its precious data.

Our experts have the expertise and the experience to offer your business real, physical and solid solutions to any risks it might be facing.

We want to limit risk to the extent that your business is protected from all potential eventualities in terms of security threats to the operational efficiency of your organization. We at Lean Security are experts in IT risk management, compliance and ensuring that your company operates and functions to the optimal standard possible. These are all essential factors to the success of any business, which is why we strive to secure them through any and every means possible!

Our offer

Our experts are here to show you how you can:

  • Get valuable information about the threats to your assets
  • Find our organizational vulnerabilities
  • Get a complete list of assets and informational systems
  • Suspect the technical vulnerabilities that might be affecting your business
  • Identify all those security requirements set by regulatory and industry standards
  • Check if your current security controls are up to date

It’s time your business stopped guessing at risks and started assessing them properly.

That’s where we can step in to help. Our team is experienced and professional. They know how to conduct a risk management assessment which objectively and thoroughly evaluates the lines of defense your company currently has in place, in terms of controlling security. Then, we offer smart and professional solutions to improving your security and reducing any risks you might be facing.


Benefits of our services:

  • Get a complete understanding of the placement of your data and make a full list of your valuable assets
  • Identify the risks and vulnerabilities that are affecting your organization
  • Create a reliable alignment of security with all your business goals
  • Implement proper procedures for meeting compliance

Our services will help you understand your risk posture with our professional risk assessment that can assist you in meeting compliance obligations. By gaining proper understanding of threats and vulnerabilities you can safeguard your company's valuable assets by implementing appropriate security measures. Our services will even help you scale more quickly while leaving all the security stress to us. We understand that sharing data with third parties (outside vendors) creates substantial risks and this is the reason our services help you manage third-party relationships.

Why us

We believe that every business deserves to stay ahead and adopt new technologies safely and securely while making the infrastructure powerful and be able to defend against new vulnerabilities and threats. We help you indentify all the risks so that you can get prepared for any unknown circumstances. The assessment will be customized to your business and will keep you ahead in this ever-changing cyber environment.

It’s as simple as that. Lean Security works quickly and securely to ensure we meet your end objectives AND compliance standards. Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail and our experts will help you craft the best security strategy for your business.

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